Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nothing But Bundt

"Yes, I'll take the chocolate chocolate chip, pink flower and the baby accessories," I stated on the phone, the friendly employee on the other end making recommendations to create the perfect dessert.

Since the start of 2016, we've hosted exactly 14 parties for a variety of reasons, each requiring a cake or sweet of sorts. Given working full-time outside the home, moving, traveling, etc. doesn't exactly lend itself to home-baked goodness at times, Nothing Bundt Cakes has become my go-to call in a pinch. (Ok, not even in a pinch - always!). The number might as well be listed in my favorites...

Whether you need the "Baby Cakes" for a shower, a bundlet for a friend who's had a rough week or a bundtini round for Teacher Appreciation week, they have something for everything. They're beautiful, wrapped gorgeously, can be customized, reasonably priced and is sure to delight almost any eater. 

Recently, they came out with the "Baby Gender Reveal" cake, something I sure would've liked to have around a few years back.

So give yourself a break from the kitchen next time you celebrate and give Nothing Bundt Cakes a ring. With a quick turnaround, it can be yours same day.

And don't forget to a) sample one while you're there b) get one for you to indulge in while you drive home.

You're gonna love it.