Monday, June 25, 2012

A "Babee" Shower!

“So you’ll bring the prociutto-wrapped asparagus while I whip together cheddar chive scones, right?” the girls gabbed as we planned over wine and pizza, me sitting quietly as my only offer so far had been a fruit salad. Because really, who could screw that up? Oh yah, that’s right…this girl. No seriously. Do you remember the Oreo Truffles with only three ingredients? Don’t ask…

One shower activity and a promise the egg casserole would be a breeze later, we moved on to the theme, delighting in how darling the invite turned out and using the “bee” motif to spout of ridiculous plays on words that continued into our email exchanges. A few trips to the grocery store, a craft night or two and some messages exchanged and the day arrived to celebrate our best friend and her baby to “bee:”

As the spread was laid and the d├ęcor hung, I marveled at the talents of these girls I loved with whole hearts, who accepted me anyway for at least having the craft of filling out the shower card. We joked about starting our own business and relished in the glowing faces around us, particularly that of Mommy-to-“bee,” Jennie, looking and feeling healthy and happy.

Several rounds of mimosas, a delectable truffle and gifts so cute they could melt your heart later, the air filled with chatter of Jennie’s amazing journey ahead, her plans for the nursery and all the love and support that was wished for her as her August date grew closer.

You’re already the most amazing Mama one can “bee” Ms. Jennie. We love you and so enjoyed celebrating with you. Can’t wait ‘till that baby to “bee” arrives!

Happy babee shower!

PS: Told you that “bee” word can work in lots of situations! Just ask Jenny S!

PPSS: And to six hostesses with the mostest…I’d hire you any day! (Katie C. not pictured as she was on a fabulously exotic trip.)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grab Your Ear Buds...

And steal away for awhile with these little diddies:

Then go all swagger with these hits:

While you're at it, get your dose of Lite 96 (you know what I'm talkin' about Omahans...prom date shouts outs much?!) by searching for "80s Love Songs" on Pandora and just see how much your work day perks up. Either that or whisks you back to arm's length hip sways with your high school crush.

Speaking of crush:

At Kenny two weeks ago I was torn about which to lust after more: adorable Grace Potter with the sultry voice, funky wardrobe and perfect locks despite the 90-degree heat? Or Tim, who, simply put has never.looked.better.

Hands down: Tim. He wins every time.

Plus he's the only country dude that can pull off a white vintage shirt, black cowboy belt and rear-hugging white jeans and still look like a manly man. And I mean manly man. I don't mean to go all "Shades of Grey" on you, but seriously...he could be my Christian.

I think these girls were still into Kenny and likely Jake. But me? One-hundred percent Tim 100% of the time. Sorry Faith.

Now I know why Mama Bird has been so gaga for Friday Night Lights all these years. I'd resurrect the show myself if it meant another minute of analyzing Tim's acting...

Happy listening. And viewing!

Why's Father's Day WEEK Hafta END?

Going all Julia Child in the kitchen in preparation for company, little dude's round two of swim lessons, CPR training at the house with the MOMS group, two quick jogs, an all-night smoked pork by the hubs that could rival Jack Stack, an afternoon of climbing, a pair of much-coveted kicks, an engraved necklace and peaceful outdoor breakfast for Daddy and celebrating the people who matter most: Mom who makes 60 look sassy, sophisticated and stunning and for all the Dads in our lives, who simply make each day more magical by being in it.

In other words: the luckiest gal on earth. 

All Pink On Hands

And feet!

Thanks to two savvy fashionistas, I'm now sporting two colors I simply adore for summer and beyond:
"Pool Party" by China Glaze

"Lovie Dovie" by Essie

Thanks for adding to my ridiculous collection Kerry and Emily! There's nothing like glancing down during a not-so-engaging conference call or scrubbing the toilets for the third time that week and catching a little burst of happy.

All pink on hands: the perfect pick-me-up!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taking It In Stride

“This is by far one of the best $100 we spent,” I said wistfully to my Dad as we both glanced ahead at the growing boy finding his way down the path with confidence and ease.

“I’ll say so,” he said, jogging toward the pre-schooler, making him laugh as he chased his Papa, his tires kicking up dirt that lay haphazardly among the trees and grass.

In the week we’ve owned it, the “first big boy bike” has provided hours of entertainment, a feeling of boyhood at its finest, significant cuts, scrapes and bruises and of course, the opportunity to don his favorite accessory since early in life: the helmet. As he goes to sleep tucked loosely in my arms at night, he talks of his adventures with “mini-bike” and what it’s meant in his day. When he’s away from it, he hypothesizes when he can ride it next and where, as if he’s plotting a pleasurable trip to France in the near future. Riding in the car, he frequently checks in to ensure it’s in the trunk, just in case the opportunity to hit pavement arises on our trip to the grocery store. 

In other words: the boy’s in love.

After some research from peers and the world wide web, we landed on purchasing the Strider, designed for kiddos as early as they can walk until about age five. Designed without pedals and various ways to twist it this way and that, it teaches them balance and coordination without the clumsiness of training wheels, so that when they’re ready to pop up on a larger bike, they’re ready to roll. For the extra 50 bucks or so it took to take it home from the Lighting McQueen 12” bike…it’s been worth every penny to see the joy and physical exertion it’s meant for our little one.

Having mostly mastered potty training and a fall birthday fast approaching, we’d been talking of purchasing it for some time. Now as the days grow longer and the sun hangs higher in the sky, we decided to bring it home early to break the monotony of sprinklers and endless hours of hoops for our very active two-year old. The day we purchased it was nearly perfect: weather so gorgeous you just had to roll the windows down, having spent the morning with our best friends from Boston and now a whole afternoon just the two of us to do whatever we wanted.

And so we made the trip to Trek in Shawnee, where they were sold out, then found ourselves at Family Bicycles in Brookside where each little Strider stood like a beacon in the window, eight different colors all ready to ride. Slightly nervous he was going to go for pink, which is more of a short-term, let’s try a ball instead of a bicycle decision for now, he laid his eyes on the blue and never looked back. One quick seat adjustment later, a swipe of the card and we were off, literally rolling out the door as I made bold promises we’d go directly to the park to try the new contraption.

Ninety minutes and three miles later we were calling for backup, his cheeks so pink from the endless smiles and little leg strides over and over again. There are no words to explain the pure joy that was his that afternoon and many of them after from the wind rustling his hair, the trial and error of stopping and starting, the learning to share the path with joggers and other terrain vehicles, the steering, veering and necessary water breaks that made for a bike ride adventure that marveled Curious George’s.

Now we find time most days to take this all in, the magic that comes from dispensing physical energy and finding something you love so much it requires daydreams and sometimes, even hurts.

In other words, we’re taking it all in stride. With the Strider.

And loving every minute…

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Start of Summer


“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 
 F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

A Day for Mamas

Technically should be every day, right? For all the hugs, lunch notes, hours rocked, stories read, songs sung, boo boos kissed, appointments and practices attended, errands run, meals prepared and unconditional love that flows through the family day after day? While that may be true, there’s one particular Hallmark day dedicated just to her:

Mother’s Day.

Though it’s a day late and a dollar short, I didn’t want to discount the magic that was ours: a day spent in Lawrence, dining at our favorite spot, strolling through the streets, reminding us of what’s important in our lives which was the little fingers gripped on both of ours as he swung between us, the memories we shared on Mass street and the unbreakable love between the three of us that felt so genuine in the warmth of the afternoon.

Not to mention the goods at the University bookstore. Dang I love me some pink Jayhawk gear. And the bike helmet selection for little dude? Off the charts.

The other fabulous thing was the celebration was stretched over a week (which all good ones should be), which included a barbeque at our home for our Moms, complete with perfect evening air, lots of laughs and the kind of meal prepared by the hubs that could’ve made the menu at Ruth Chris. Also that week we dined sans kiddo among Prosecco and rich Italian bread, sharing jokes and recent stories without constant interruption from everyday life. Finally, a gathering among the MOMS group at Story, a restaurant in Prairie Village, with an afternoon so delightful, one would have thought we were on vacation. Complete with a fashion show, remarkable women, endless pours, a hostess treat, lime green stems and stories of the kids, it truly was an afternoon to remember.

And the gifts? Check them out. It’s like my own personal photobomb of two dudes I love a whole heck of a lot:

Including a dry-erase calendar! You know how I feel about organizing activities and events months in advance…particularly social ones.

So yah, Mother’s Day week was a complete blast, thanks to the amazing women and men in our lives. I guess I’ll keep it ranked #2 on my holiday list right next to Valentine’s Day.

Don’t judge.

A day for Mama – love it. But then again, isn’t everyday?