Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miss You, Friends

Lately there's been a bit too much of this:

And even though I'm here:

My time is spent only in the board room vs. the boardwalk.

It's been a rewarding week so far, watching pediatric professionals grow and learn from one another. But I sure look forward to coming up for air soon.

Miss you, friends...and hope all is well!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flats Are Where It's At

"I'm so pumped that flats are IT this spring!" I said to the Nordy's gal, who, with her fanny pack-time item and large, flashy jewels seemed to share my excitement. (PS: As if I had any business saying something like this based on my shoe to income ratio.)

Sure, they make my calves look fatter (if that was even possible) and don't have the sexy edge that's sometimes needed for that sassy dress, but this gal is turning 32 this week. And has tendinitis.

So these feet? No longer made for walkin'. In heels at least. And definitely not for chasing after a two-year old whose face lights up a little too much as he watches his Mommy catapult herself down the street after his basketball.

Here are some on my wish list:

Ok, and I totally already bought the DVs (pink loafers) even though I had no business, once again, doing such shennigans. I think I had a momentary lapse in judgement in the midst of their cuteness. And I can't stop thinking of the same ones in the most ridiculous color of blue.

So how about you? Will you sport flats this season?

PS: my take on the much-coveted TOMS ballet flats? Super comfy and pretty cute. But I need something with a little more oomph. Also, if you buy, go at least a half if not whole size smaller! And TOMS - if you bring the sparkle, I'll bring my debit card.

Home Improvement

“Noooo…um…yah…I can take care of that.”

My eyes nearly roll back into my head and get stuck there as I hear the hubs traipsing around the parameter of the house, reviewing my laundry list of items that, five years later, have yet to be touched. Or perhaps they were started, but never really finished. Or done right. Or even thought of.

Ah, home ownership.

I’m not blaming the hubs – he’s completely dedicated to keeping this family afloat, working hard at his career, keeping the romance alive with Snickers bars from the grocery store, taking care of his soul by working out and being the best father a two-year old could ask for. You see that “finishing painting the half-blue, half-white bathroom” was not on this list. Neither is the unfinished trim, landscaping, broken rail and step, etc., etc.

So I did what every terrible wife does when she’s just about come to her wit’s end with all of it: I called a contractor.

Now don’t judge me: I’d asked a few times, gave some projects a THREE YEAR window, even enlisted the help of our super handy father-in-law, a dear family friend and gave the hubs a chance. But this to-do list of water damage, etc? Not messing around anymore.

The next part of my genius plan? Have the contractor come over with the list of bids the day before your husband is leaving without you for five days on an exotic trip. Shocking what he’ll sign off on…

Needless to say the following will be accomplished in March: NEW CARPET!, all new siding out back with protected windows, repaired rail, bedroom doors that actually close, doors to our master bedroom that enter into the bathroom, a back door that doesn’t require Houdini type tricks and an instruction manual to open and close it for the in-and-out dog, sinks that don’t drip, grout that doesn’t come up just by looking at it and more.

I can’t wait.

Home improvements: just what the wife ordered.

Now if I could just make up my mind on what my d├ęcor style is and transport our house to Prairie Village…

PS: thanks to the hubs and my friend Leah’s immaculate taste, our guest bath is nearly complete in “Nantucket Fog” paint, updated hardware and a simplified look. Come on over, take a rest in the restroom and check it out.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear Valentine

My apologies, but it seems I've left something off the list:

Favorite holiday highlighted on my favorite shoes?!



Or you can just go this route:

Fine, I'll settle for this:

That's the best gift ever, anyway...

Gifts for the Guys

Or should I say, boys?

It's likely that if you have a kiddo at home, you're hitting a birthday party or two about every other weekend. So what do you bring outside of the standard Buzz Lightyear, Matchbox cars, Carters clothes or dump truck for the toddler dudes? Here are some of our recent favs to gift others that have happened to be a hit:

Stomp Rocket: inside or out, burns some energy of the sugar-induced kiddos without creating too much destruction in your home

Sit n' Spin: good, clean, whirly, twirly fun

GAP gear: because many Mommas won't think to shop there because of price, but really this retail giant has gone above and beyond to provide savings in these tougher times

Potty training book: a need and want and not all that thrilling to buy for the parents

Nerf basketball hoop: hours and hours of fun so Mom can load the dishwasher

Personalized wooden train: cute, customized and fun

Happy gifting for the guys!

Damn You, Tooth Fairy

“Daaaaaadeeeee! D-A-D-D-D-Y!” echoed across the hallway along with the sound of tiny hands tugging at the metal knob that was meant to open doors, but to our two year old, still meant life in prison.

Immediately awake, I lifted my head slightly, secretly delighted but also slightly sad that the little dude needed his father at three a.m. for once. A quick swat later, Daddy sprung into action to see what the happenings were down the hall, lingering a bit too long at the armoire in search of a tee, likely waiting for it to pass before he sauntered down. Though I don’t know much of what happened next, I do remember the next morning when I tapped on the door to wake our son and was promptly greeted with:

“The TOOTH FAIRY! She tried to GET ME!”

You can imagine at seven a.m. how a parent could grapple between sharing that she doesn’t exist, alerting him she’s not actually scary but instead drop prizes beneath your pillow or finally, to just go ahead and tell her to go away next time she dropped by – none of these being great options. Instead, I opted for the smile and nod with empathy and listening ears approach:

“Oh, the Tooth Fairy? She tried to get you?! Tell me more about that…”

Little did I know this diatribe would go on for days, the story of how she was “scary,” yet brought “treats while we sleep,” yet also “steals teeth.” Don’t even ask me where these important life lessons came from. Heck, “T,” or “F” were not even the letter of the week at pre-school…

And so it goes as the sun sets below the horizon, the nightstand lamp is dimmed and he’s prepared to tuck in tight that we discuss:

“That Tooth Fairy. She’s not going to get me. Mommy and Daddy keep me safe.”

So if you see this lady of the night, tell her to back off, will ya?

We all need a couple more hours of sleep around here. Though we could use a bit of that money she leaves…

Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the List

Stealing two hours to myself a few weekends back, I made the mistake of wandering into retail world, falling in love with some items that now line my Valentine's wish list:

Crate and Barrel's striped dishes: how happy would this make you when pouring your cereal in the a.m.? Two in each color please!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Old navy's ruched workout gear: lightweight and slimming at a decent price

MK tote in the most springiest of blues:perfect for hauling my junk and diapers

Chocolate ale: arriving in my palms next week thanks to a very dear friend's mother

Personalized family rules sign that I keep seeing popping up in my friends' homes:

TOMS ballet flats: I couldn't figure out which I wanted in the pre-sale, so I will skip a workout one evening to hit Nordy's on Feb. 15

Comfy tees for the boy: so many to choose from!

Meaningful bracelet: seems comfy and that it could withstand my active wrists

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

What's caught your fancy that you'd like to put on your list for your Valentine?