Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gifts for the Guys

Or should I say, boys?

It's likely that if you have a kiddo at home, you're hitting a birthday party or two about every other weekend. So what do you bring outside of the standard Buzz Lightyear, Matchbox cars, Carters clothes or dump truck for the toddler dudes? Here are some of our recent favs to gift others that have happened to be a hit:

Stomp Rocket: inside or out, burns some energy of the sugar-induced kiddos without creating too much destruction in your home

Sit n' Spin: good, clean, whirly, twirly fun

GAP gear: because many Mommas won't think to shop there because of price, but really this retail giant has gone above and beyond to provide savings in these tougher times

Potty training book: a need and want and not all that thrilling to buy for the parents

Nerf basketball hoop: hours and hours of fun so Mom can load the dishwasher

Personalized wooden train: cute, customized and fun

Happy gifting for the guys!

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