Sunday, January 31, 2016

That List You're Not Supposed to Talk About

"So yeah, let me know if you need me to throw some waves in her hair. Or head for a mani!" I blubbered excitedly, plotting all the ways I could maximize this potential once-in-a-lifetime moment.

It's no secret that the boys are my world and I wouldn't trade them for anything, but it's also not so undercover that I have a wish list that runs through my head that I likely won't experience by not having a daughter. So when some of our closest friends needed a stand-in for their six-year old's first Daddy/daughter dance, we were beyond honored and jumped at the chance.

Ok, ok - I may have been trying to make it like a straight up prom. And their daughter played perfectly into the theme, requesting her mom throw open the doors to announce her arrival down the winding stairs to receive her corsage. There was taffeta, tulle, bows, jewels, curls and best of all, smiles. Maybe even some tears from one not-so-little lady...

Together they dined on macaroni and cheese, chicken cordon bleu and chicken nuggets. The Miss shook her groove thing to what the fox says and of course, the Whip Nae Nae. The "like a Daddy" dressed in his Friday night best and shot enough video to be her actual father. It was priceless. Truly a moment we're incredibly grateful for and one we'll not ever forget.

Meanwhile, I'm noshing with my six-year-old male, who announces he will NOT attend the mother/son movie viewing or bowling, b/c how B-O-R-I-N-G. Le sigh.

So here's part of the list. The one you're never supposed to make, admit and definitely not talk about. Queue the "so grateful for what I have and wouldn't change for the world" speech here, then read on to what I'll miss about not having a girl:

1. The school dance thing
2. The doing the whole wedding thing
3. Definitely, definitely being the mom of the new mom thing
4. Selling Girl Scout cookies
5. The everlasting bond through her adulthood thing
6. The mani/pedi with good conversation situation
7. In general, good conversation situation
8. The shopping thing
9. The little tutus and ballet shoes thing
10. The maybe quietly coloring in the corner or playing with a doll at a social event thing
11. Attending bridal, baby and tea showers thing
12. Of course the sparkly shoe thing
13. The snuggle and stuffed animals thing
14. The showing of emotions thing
15. The stronger, solid friendships thing
16. The "would she look a bit like me?" thing

Sure, they have the reputation of being sassier and challenging through the teen years - but I understand these. The clothes-free, grunting, pantry eating beings around my house can be very confusing with all of their silence. At least some girls shout their feelings so blatantly it gives you  somewhere to start...

So thank you, dear framily, for sharing your smart, beautiful, gracious and kind girl with us. She reminds us that she will shape our awesome sons to be at their best and gives this BoyMom an excuse to think outside the Under Armour and tennis shoes. May it have been as joyous for her as it was for us!

PS: I love you boys. And your clothes-less-ness. And your hearts and smiles. And I wouldn't trade them for the world...

Good as Gold

There's no shortage of gold shoes in this gal's closet given my affinity for shine and that it's an interesting neutral that goes with just about anything. I even thought I was a bit done with TOMS, their casual look not the most versatile for the majority of my life spent in business casual.

But then I found these and haven't looked back.

Comfortable, interesting, age appropriate and flare for any outfit, they're a great fit for almost any outfit. And your closet. Enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2016

And Then There Were 19

"Yeah, so L - if that tooth is still hanging out there, I'm going to come by Saturday and we'll do the string trick, ok?" my dear friend Katie offered, my son's eyes lighting up at the prospect of his front tooth actually leaving his mouth.

"Deal," he replied. And they shook on it.

Little did the two of them know them know the date would soon become unnecessary, the plot of the loose tooth creating it's own ending on a Wednesday at school.

On this same Wednesday, I met the crew at a nearby restaurant, an advantage to night showings while our house was on the market. I was immediately greeted by a black hole - one that hadn't existed that same morning - and shrieked in delighted while at the same time my heart did a little dip.

You see, it's not just the first tooth. It's not just treasure boxes and fairies and money under pillows. It's so much more.

It's a kiddish grin that looks a bit more grown. A temporary lisp that somehow made him sound even more mature. A space that was once still full with just a bit of early childhood that is core to so many memories.

One down and nineteen to go. But he better still be partially a mama's boy when the actual nineteen hits, or that hole will belong to this mama's heart...

Congrats buddy. May that fairy start you a killer allowance you've been dreaming of. And don't worry - Aunt Katie will be on speed dial for the next one.