Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh Sh*t

The sun crept into the corners of the 4Runner, the beams of light bouncing off the red-blond hair accented with the blue eyes of our beloved toddler. We sat silently on our drive home, reminiscing on the beautiful simplicity of the weekend spent with family, accomplishing house projects and just enjoying one another. The sound of "Yo Gabba Gabba" filled the space, complete with light hums and whispers of the words he knew, causing little smiles to creep up on the corners of our mouths. Life is good. Great even. Nearly perfect.

Until we enter the house and find this:

Sound that screech noise when all good things come to an end or when there is a Saved by the Bell time out.*t.

Dog vs. emptied-DiaperDecorbag-that-was-meant-for-the-trash-but-left-in-the-hall.

Who won? You tell me...

PS: Anyone want a five-year old Golden Retriever?!

P.P.S.S.: As if the clean-up wasn't rough enough (though the hubs did not have to sport the gas mask this time), our son's attachment to cleanliness meant it took me nearly two hours to convince him to sleep because he was uber concerned about "Ellie's BIG MESS." In addition, Ellie the dog had already betrayed the little dude once today as she "ate Paul," (his "Pat the Bunny" book where Paul and Judy are the characters). Looks like she's stepping up her game in the sibling rivalry department...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Late Tuesday evening I was frantically combing the town with the hour I had in search for business casual clothes to sport on my upcoming trips to Dallas. Instead of finding practical black pants, silky blouses, button downs, belts and loafers, I came upon these:

And as you know, I had already swiped these up from the anniversary sale, a Nordy's exclusive, which are currently sold out:

So now the conundrum is, which to keep? The sparkly Sperrys or the sparkly TOMS? (Note: I do have a lighter pair of silver sparkly TOMS but there is just something about the darker silver that is over-the-top. Note 2: I have Sperrys in pink, purple, fuschia and nude too. Yes, I have a problem).

Decisions, decisions.

I'd much rather be making ones like these than on healthcare reform, earthquake survival or something like that...

So join me in this frivolity - which would you choose for your closet?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ah, Boys

“Wait – he did wwwaaa?” I said, combing the fine, blond-red hair from across my son’s forehead, assessing the damage as he worked to squiggle out of my arms and go on to the next daredevil stunt.

“,” the hubs said, clearly more traumatized from the event than any of us.

And so it begins, the much anticipated (ok, not so much) boyness that will likely now remain a part of our household until he becomes a teenager that ends up sleeping most of the day. Almost overnight, our once quasi-timid son who checked with me before he climbed down the stairs with the railing, shared cautious eyes as he went to put slowly perch on the couch, sat idly by while mass chaos surrounded him in groups of other kids…had become a part of it all. Almost like a toddler gang initiation or something. Or did Nana and Papa teach him this to get back at us while we went away for our first trip over the weekend???

Or maybe he’s just a boy.

It’s been two days since we’ve been back and suddenly my careful 23-month old resembles the boys that my favorite blogger posts about, having accomplished the following in just the last 48 hours: throttled a chair climbing into his booster, dented a wood door for “wow, that was FAST RUNNING!” activities from the hallway to the playroom, scales his new bed effortlessly like a chimp in the Zoo, leapt with no warning 10 bzillion times into the swimming pool, catching his head a few times and finding it hilarious, attempted to run into traffic and up to complete strangers, citing he had to fetch his basketball he’d just thrown into the street, initiated fake falls over and over again like Brad Pitt’s stunt double, rejoicing in every bloody scrape he came up with and golf-sized bruises on his noggin, rode the dog like a rodeo clown, despite her clawing at him to back up off, wrestled with Daddy like he’s in the WWF, supermanned his way off a set of concrete steps and attempted what looked like extreme sporting moves on his new trike. And did you see what happened when I gave him a beautiful windmill thingy?

Um, yah, time to program Children’s urgent care number in the ol' iPhone and find the nearest ER I guess…

I can only imagine what he’ll do next and what it will take for me to keep up with him, let alone give him some kind of look other than disbelief.

But as they say, boys will be boys. And this girl better adjust.

Ah boys: can’t live with ‘em, and definitely, truly can’t live without this one.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

4(0) is Fabulous

Each year, we employees at CHCA take a little survey that measures satisfaction with the culture, which is quickly followed by all kinds of parties, conversations, improvement opportunities and more. And year after year you hear team members cracking jokes and gaffawing at the question: “do you have a best friend at work?” But these girls:

aren’t laughing.

Because we are each other’s best gal pals at work – and pretty darn good friends outside of it too.

With nearly two decades spanning between us in ages, family size variance, backgrounds all over the place, there a bzillion differences between the four of us. But within that, there are a million things that are the same. And we celebrate them all with the kind of love and genuine care most can only wish to find in a lifetime let alone at work.

From weekly lunch conversations that cover agenda topics beyond what almost any other colleague could imagine (husbands! Girl stuff! TMI stuff! Babies! Scandals!) , to annual holiday dinners to mani/pedi outings and a committed Friday “Lunch Bunch” to celebrating 40th birthdays and all the days in between, we plan to be together until the end….

And to keep checking that box that yes, we do have a best friend at work.

In fact, we have three of them.

How lucky are we?

Happy milestone birthday, Ms. Dana – you make 40 look fabulous. We love you to pieces. Thank you for helping us mark “yes” on that survey. And for a ridiculously fun weekend in the Ozarks!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Top 10 Things the Little Dude is Saying These Days

1. “Well that would be FUN-a!” complete with a head bob when questioning him on activities he could potentially do over the weekend
2. “I LIKE that (insert whatever it is here)!” when enjoying a song or book
3. “I’m going to school, Mommy” on our drives in each morning
4. “I stay home with Mommy two-day” right before we leave for school
5. “Lawson do it by him-self” to well, just about everything
6. “SQUISH!” for really big, amazing hugs
7. “Lawson did that!” when bringing home his art
8. “SHEWHEW! Ride horsey, Mommy!” when playing with Thurderbolt in the family room; actually he’s renamed him “Giddyup”
9. “Rock on, Mommy!” when air guitaring or dancing
10. “Close the door-a” complete with an evil grin as he locks us out of rooms
11. Bonus: “BIG BOY BED! GO SEE IT!” everyday when we come home, followed by rolling around and around in it like it’s a pile of money

I’m going to spend the rest of my life documenting and cherishing each word that comes out of that amazing boy’s mouth…even if a good 75-percent of it is “no”….

What have your kiddos been chattering about lately?

End of Summer

After barely surviving one of the most challenging work weeks of my career, I decided to splurge (shhhh, don't tell the hubs) and wandered into the nail salon for a little mani/pedi action (hey, it's better than hitting the pub, right?). And with the last dog days of summer upon us, I went with a little of this:

and a little o' this:

Pink sparkles and obnoxious purple? Perfect.

In addition, we'll wrap up our summer scene with our FIRST adult trip since the little dude was born to the Ozarks to celebrate a dear friend turning 40, complete with relaxation, ridiculousness, boating sun and straight up fun. The cooler is packed, so is my suitcase, ok and another cooler and we'll hit the road soon, leaving the love of our lives behind. The good thing? I'm taking the other one with me, so it should be a blast.

Have a wonderful, memory-filled weekend everyone. Cheers!

Monday, August 15, 2011


There are many things you can hit with:

Though don't forget: hitting is not.nice.

Unless it's when you're using your mouse. On this blog.

A million thanks again for reading, your support and for just being you. Though it's likely still considered peanuts in the real world, we're up to an average of 2,500 a month.

And that's one hit this girl will take.

I adore you.

And if you read, would you please follow? That's the best.

Hugs. Hits. Hats off to you.

Missoni Madness

The blog world is blowing up in anticipation of Missoni arriving at Target, featuring items such as these:

I must admit, I'm pretty jazzed and would totally jot this down in the MomAgenda as a priority drive-by for the day, but it's the little dude's actual birthday.

Maybe he wants to party at Tar-jay?

PS: The sign is up for Nordstrom Rack on 95th street. Joy!

A Party for Two

The little dude’s big day is less than a month away, so of course invites are out and plans are in the works to celebrate him as much as possible. Not that every day isn’t a party with such a vivacious, sassy, intelligent, active, hilarious little fella, but this Pisces has to always go a bit over the top:
Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

We’re working to keep the numbers small and the fun big this year with just a few family members and close friends with wee ones that will appreciate an hour of singing, dancing, parachuting, climbing and playing, all topped with cupcakes, grab bags and toddler fun. And of course it’s bicycle themed, because really...

he literally lives in his helmet and chatters about bicycles, motorcycles and mini bikes Thank you, Jack Black.

Think red velvet cupcakes, paper ware stuck with custom labels, a transportation-themed music set and interactive games and hopefully a day he’ll never forget (even if he is too young to really remember). After all, he’s still raving about Carson’s birthday…

A party for two – woo!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Room Review Update: Presto Chango the Beddo!

Remember when I was all delighted to share with you the nursery (ok fine, toddler room) was 98-percent complete and I posted pics and had most everything squared away? Then three days later we had the "Curious George" incident which called for Room Review v.3? Well, here she is:

After some thought, we ran out and purchased an inexpensive toddler bed at Nebraska Furniture Mart, opting not to put the transition piece in his crib. For some reason, I just couldn't get past how much it looked like Ellie's kennel with an escape hatch:

And here he is, more delighted than ever, constantly chattering and sharing with the world his journeys and admiration for his big boy bed.

Admittedly, the first night was a bit rough, but if I had to guess it would be the large piece of birthday cake he consumed at school followed hours later by his cupcake of choice for his "big boy bed" party, complete with songs, celebration, family and lots of laughter. Oh, and shouting renditions of "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" - how does he even know that song?!

But since then, it's been a dream, him chatting incessantly and sharing with strangers about his monkey sheets, big boy bed, how he can leap off the side, hide his money in it and have pillow fights. I guess he's moved on from the shoes...

How we ever got so lucky to have a laid back (though let's not forget "active" and "spirited") kiddo that transitions so effortlessly from these things his parents (read: Mom) obsess, agonize and fear, we'll never know. But we'll take it. And spend each day being grateful for it.

And wish him the sweetest that good ol' big boy bed.

Now just don't go showing him how to turn those door knobs...

R&D Project: Care for the Bearer

It's not my general practice to R&D (rip off and duplicate) posts, but these darling scenes from Green Wedding Shoes site were just too much to bear, especially given we'll be outfitting our bearer next week. Can you imagine?! I can hardly wait...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture Perfect

“Look buddy, something special for you in the mail – it’s addressed to “Master Lawson Choate!” I said with a squeal, delighted the invite had finally arrived. Having seen sketches, the twinkle in their eyes as they designed it and all that it will mean in their hearts, we were eager to open the sparkling invitation to my brother, Ryan and his fiancĂ©e, Erica’s wedding:

Hand drawn and painted by Kristy Rice at Momental Designs and inspired by the bride and groom’s venue and love of all things vintage, it truly is a piece of art and one we will treasure for all the cherished moments this marriage promises to bring. In other words: it’s picture.perfect.

PS: speaking of picture perfect, the ring bearer’s plate came in. How amazing is this? And themed with the rest of the event. Swoon!

PPSS: my bridesmaid dress arrive several weeks ago and it’s gorg – but we’ll save that for the photoshoot. And the little dude? Is getting fitted for a TUX next week. Can you imagine??? Too cute!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Single Digits

There are many reasons to adore single digits.

With this heat streak we’ve been having, this could be on the temperature wish list for some folks. Or with the way the stock market has been going, perhaps this is the hope that this be the way it drops vs. the whole 500 action. Then there are price increase percentages. Cholesterol levels dropping. The APR on your credit card or student loans. Likely the amount of children you want to have (or at least the amount most can truly support!) And so on and so forth.

For me, today, it’s moving to single digits in sizing – a feat I’ve been unable to conquer for nearly 12 years. I’m in disbelief. Shock even. That by moving from double-sized meals to single-sized, I’ve moved to single-digit sizing.

Now I know for most of you this is no big deal as this is your day-to-day and I'm well aware that I'm not the type of gal that makes heads turn. In fact, the hubs would tease me about this and call this a #humblebrag, so there’s a piece of me that feels a bit bizarro putting this out to the worldwide web. But then again, what do men know about how amazing it feels to be able to once again shop at the stores you’ve been admiring from afar for over a decade? The ability to actually speak up and ask the sales gal for your size over the dressing room door vs. whispering it through the slats? Or the letting go of cutting that tag out of your pants? So yah, it’s not so much about bragging, but more so about freedom. Comfort. And confidence. They wouldn’t have made a whole country song about this if it didn’t mean something, right?!

So I’ll take the single digits and celebrate them for what they mean to me.

Now if only I could ditch the Dave Ramsey plan and sweep up a few clothes that fit, sporting that single digit on the tag. Damn you, Dave Ramsey. Yet another area we need for single digits to become a part of our lives!

But for now, I’m floating on cloud 9…which is also a single digit.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curious Lawson

The house sat silently around me minus the whirr of a bzillion fans, the dog’s soft breaths and the cat’s low purrs as I cranked out email after email, having woken at the break of dawn to maximize my work time at home. A string of responses had come in from Members that allowed me to wrap up some loose ends before the little dude woke, so I sped up my typing, took a conference call with one hand while wrapping up a project via notebook with the other. Light sounds came from the nursery as I frantically made the most of what I knew were going to be my last few minutes, but even with all this multi-tasking – I hear it.


Hard pause. Every Mom knows to wait for that hard pause, count the number of seconds between the wails and cries, then assess the situation.

This thump? Was different. And his cries, not so much a wail but more of an alert and “holy shiz what just happened and Mommy please come fix it” situation.

I rushed in, leaving my caller, computer and sanity behind only to be stopped dead in my tracks.

The little dude…

Confused, I felt my body work in the right motions, comforting him, talking him through the incident, checking him over for bruises or blood, watching his body language as he told me his story. Then, it finally dawned on me:

He had….leapt?....jumped?....climbed?....fell? out of his crib. For the first time.

Damn those emails. Every time I get one the little dude took on the milestone they were providing advice for like a week later. If only I hadn’t opened this one…

To be honest, I’m still wrapping my head around it all, as I think he is too. We’ve been talking for hours about his fall from the wooden box. And his justification?:

“Be like Curious George, Mama.”

Damnit again. Another educational item that had backfired on me. I mean, what now? Move him to the toddler bed? Wait? See if he does it again and potentially have him get hurt? Move him too early? Of course there are loads and loads of advice out there, and I just don’t know what to believe. Hopefully my gut will be working tomorrow.

Because today, this is just another big milestone, and one I wasn’t ready for. Coupled with filling out his second birthday invites and I’m a hot mess.

It’s all going too fast, this amazing life with Curious Lawson.

If only we could be the man in the Yellow Hat and George – those two never seem to age. I mean seriously, George still scales all kinds of things and apparently, teaches these shenanigans to small children. That seems like a good gig…

So here’s the little dude and all he finds curious…may we enjoy every step (leap?!) of the way.

Sneak a Peek

“Dude, none of these are going to fit you anymore!” I say to my son sitting near by, casually (read: tearing through) a basket of toys and unfurling all the neatly folded laundry I had just placed in his closet. Admitting defeat to the putting the clothes away situation, I thumbed through his hangers and began taking down his long-sleeve collection and tossed them into the “I no longer fit” bin. Then during nap I did what any good problem –solver would do: I surfed the net for cute dude clothes. And here’s a line I came up with that I adore from Peek:

Seriously sassy. Chill. And just L’s scene. Or at least according to his Mom. For now.

What has caught your eye for fall clothing this year for either you, the wee ones or the hubs?

PS: I'm still seriously ticked I didn't buy that "Gnarly" shirt. That one really made my day...even if it does seem to put my two-year old into some kind of era/situation he won't hear of until he's 21...