Sunday, April 27, 2014

Simple White Cake for the Not So Simple Eaters

"Alert: this non-domestic diva needs to throw together a cake for her soon to be one year old and his compadres - can you help?" I typed furiously to my expert friend Kerry, mother extraordinaire and natural food blogger.

Within hours she had a list of fabulously simple recipes for my milk and nut allergy child, saving the day for one mom who suddenly thought the cake was the answer to the child being one. It's called coping with reality my friends...

A quick trip to the grocery and an hour later this little puppy was ours:
Simple White Cake - all
Simple. Delicious. Substituted with vegan butter and rice milk and still fluffy vanilla deliciousness. It even passed the husband sniff test. Even sans frosting (I just couldn't quite wrap my brain around milk free frosting at 11 p.m. at night after three days of no sleep), it was tasty as could be. I can't even imagine the damage with a little gooey yumminess on top.

Ok, so the birthday boy wasn't exactly certain what to do with all the sweetness besides treat the dog, but a few shovels in and he got the gist.

So thank you, Wise Mom, for flying in on your cape as usual and creating a birthday memory our boys and stomachs will be thankful for. We heart you...and this simple white cake for the not so simple eaters.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sneak Peek: The Sale!

Stop by Friday or Saturday and these name brand items and many more can be yours! Pre-sale Thursday if you message or text me. Happy shopping a la garage de Choate! (And do I sound like a used car ad or what?!) See you then!

Dish ware - still in stores!

Restoration Hardware type lamps - more than 6 different styles

Wall decor

Home accessories

Pottery Barn duvet anyone?

How about a Pottery Barn table runner?

Kid gear! 

Small tables 

Designer chandelier - one small and one large

Outdoor kid gear
See you soon!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Four days until he's one.
Party decor courtesy of MayDetails on Etsy

Shirt: Old Navy


Mostly really, really sweet.

In shock. Disbelief. That the boy is crawling his way to one.

More to come on all that's one!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thank Gah for Girlfriends

It's been one of those know the ones I'm talking about:
Then this happened:
There may have been brie and mini donuts also involved...

And today brought a little of this:
Thank gah for girlfriends.

Love you all to the moon and back.

Monday, April 14, 2014

11 Months of You

Owner of a two-tooth grin. Capable of stair climbing. Follower of shatever big brother does. Eats for two...or four. Outdoorsmen. Baller (basketball is choice). Bath squealer. "Uh oh" proclaimer. Waver. Shouter: for mom, dad, dog and cat...or anyone that may be in view that could potentially feed him. Zero tolerance policer for the carseat. Winner of loudest crawler. Potential drummer. Licker of dog bowls. Rocker of chairs. Shaker of head with a devilish smile. Illustrator of his bigness. Toe tapper. Table skimmer. Dramatic melter. Requirer of constant observation lest chaos ensue. Ear infection acquirer and runny nose winner. Life of the party. Chuckler. Head banger. Grocery store flirt. Grabber of food and death trap items. Adorer of the eldest. Momma's boy. Chunker. Avoider of diaper changes. Fearless defender. Pancake champion. Wrestler. Grunter. Cabinet door opener.

The owner of our hearts.

Happy 11 months, little Liam. We can't wait to see what you do next.

Crazy for Clarks

"Um, yah - I'm going to need that one in both colors," I said sheepishly, anxiously awaiting the scolding text from the husband.

It was that time of every two or three years: the replenishing of the sandals. Having spotted a fabulous pair on, she led me to Clark's at Town Center where I scored for the whole season, plus discovered footwear for my soon to be walker:

Amelia Avery in red: beyond comfy and adds some sass to a spring ensem - I can literally run in them! Slowly, but, that would be my pace anyway...

Cynthia Arlene: a twist on a classic pump with some character. Wore them for three days straight running around at a conference and they were perfect. A must-buy in the champagne color as well!

Caslynn Regine: slippers. Literal slippers. And perfect for adding to those ankle pants.

Tiny Soft: flexible, super soft and come in wides - perfect for the fat footed learning to walk

Tiny Sun: the perfect spring shoe for the pre walker. Just stick their little pinkies in and they're off or dragging them with minimal damage to the toe.

Visit Clarks today and make these yours. Built to last, darling, comfy and worth every single penny! Even if your husband disagrees...

Monday Momfessions - April 14 Week

1. Today at pick-up my husband found our eldest sitting against the wall. His crime? Sharing his bits with his best friend on the playground. Boys.

2. Meanwhile, the littlest has found complete pleasure in whipping his mama's bare skinned belly with his tiny palm and listening to the hollow "thunk" it makes. Pure joy and laughter on that one's face. I tried to tell him it was his fault it had the wiggly jigglies, but he seemed to be only focused on the drumming fun. Again - boys.

3. My last baby is one in less than two weeks. Please pass tissues, some anti-anxiety meds, party hats for surviving the first year and adult beverages for emotionally coping with all the bittersweet goodness.

4. No matter which way you slice it, the Easter Bunny is creepy to the pre-schooler. He ain't buying it. Even if the big furry creature leaves chocolates.

5. One can clean for hours on end and turn their head for a nanosecond, only to discover a castle, soccer bottle and fingerprints have magically appeared. Therefore, the only time this intensity of sprucing is necessary is when one is working to impress the cleaning lady, aka not have her break up with your family.

6. I've banned "is your babe sleeping through the night?" to my momversations because if I'm asked one more time my head may spin off. Though the intent is good, the truth is, he's not. I'm not. No one is. It's hard even though he's cute. Yes we've tried everything. No to this. Yes to this. I'll give it a try to that. We just have some challenged sleepers in this abode. This too shall pass and someday I'll miss those quiet moments of rocking, soothing, coaxing (ok and at times weeping over the crib rail) when our halls are empty and soundless. Note: this phase in life is a terrible time to start wearing and assessing the data of a FitBit.

7. Big L has resorted to holding work trips over my head. His tactic: ignore, use the mom look and hold grudges for at least a week upon my return. Knife to the heart.

8. Playdates can be uber fun. Those moms? Are a blast! Plus your kid gets really tired. Everyone wins. PS: no one told me boredom at home starts as early as the age of four.

9. While away for work, the husband fed the littlest a hamburger. From McDonald's. I couldn't even be mad at the pollution that now consumed his body as he for once then slept through the night. Apparently trans fats are the answer.

10. It's quite liberating to watch your exercisers, johnny jumpers and other minuscule toys leave the home. A tad sad, but let's face's nice to see the floor again.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

For Sale

Though your April weekends are likely packed with springtime fun, perhaps you'd consider saving an hour for a drive by for some name brand items in all forms at give away prices?! We're hosting a garage sale April 25 and 26 in attempt to simplify our lives and home. Here's some of the things you may find there:

  • Home decor: wreaths, Pottery Barn rug and bedding, tables, candlesticks, pictures, frames, holiday stuff, lamps, dish ware. throw pillows and more!
  • Baby stuff: exercauser, jumping exercauser, johnny jumper, pack n' play, Chicco travel set, Bumbo, boys' clothing, Pottery Barn kids bedding and more!
  • Vintage dolls and accessories: Ginny, Corolle, Cabbage Patch and unique doll beds
  • Maternity clothes: all name brand from GAP and Destination Maternity 
  • Girly stuff: some clothing, handbags and gems
  • Beer brewing items: the best around from a man who has given up the hobby in an effort to maintain the yard :) 
And this is just part of the list! Message me if you'd like to pre-sale out of the garage next week. We'd love to have you.

Happy discount shopping!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One Reason

"Mommy - you're the best-test Mommy ever."

"Oh honey - thank you! That means the world to me." (hand over heart - deep gaze).

"Does that make you cry? In one of your good ways?"

"It makes my heart very, very happy. I can't think of anything else I'd rather hear."

"Well good - then you know because of my love that you don't have to worry about anything, right?"

He's so right. So very, very right.

This is just one of the reasons four-and-a-half is awesome. And one reason? Is all I'll ever need.

Swooning for This Crooning

"Come on Shazam, work with me!" I shouted to an empty room around midnight, hours of uselessness in play as I worked my way through a month's worth of DVR catch-up. I desperately tried to Shazam the song in the background of the Grey's episode I was watching, moved by the singer's rich voice and trying to place the words as one I've known and loved before.

Turned out it was this guy:

Sam Smith. And the song? "How Will I Know" originally by Whitney Houston.

So this got me delving further into his work. Now he's a staple on my Pandora station. With a rich R&B voice from slow to sultry, his lyrics and unique sound move me. Steal my heart. I love it all. For me it's a bit of Shai, Jagged Edge and Brian McKnight. Swoon! Sam Smith: I adore you and having quickly become your number one fan. Even better: he showed up on SNL this past weekend - whaaa?! Over.the.moon.

Speaking of other fabulous tunes in play these days, did you catch JT's new song on Jimmy Fallon?

I mean, you can't go wrong with JT, anyway, but how sweet is this little love ditty.

Finally, did you hear they are releasing 10 more MJ songs this summer? I've never done a pre-sale, but consider it done.

So get online. Get with Sam. And join me in swooning for the crooning.

Monday Momfessions - March 31 Week

1. I robbed my kid's piggy bank to reimburse a friend. To be fair, the money originally came from a scavenger hunt he had in my room. Also, he will be paid back in full with minimal interest. Maybe in candy. Which is totally the same. Shhhhh.

2. In our house, eating off the floor is totally acceptable. Caveat: must contain three dog hairs or less.

3. Convincing a 11-month old to take a sippy cup should be an Olympic event. Also, the government should provide funding toward this until the child discovers one he will actually like.

4. It's impossible to leave the house before 7:30 a.m. without having achieved a sweat-induced workout. This totally counts as the gym in my book.

5. Finding shoes for a Fred Flinstone look alike is near impossible. Thank you, Clarks, for expanding into kids shoes for the short, stubby, beyond wide population.

6. A child can be like a cat in which he will cry by the basement door until opened. Sure, one is motivated by food and the other a basketball hoop, but whining by the door nonetheless. One I'm ok with figuring out the handle, the other not so much. Too bad the one I vote for has no thumbs.

7. Watching your wee one travel in his outdoor car and lean back as if he's cruising and making rap noises can only mean he's watching you. Even if his car seat is reversed. He knows.

8. With children under 10, you will leave the "Frozen" soundtrack going in your car and rock it all the way to work, whether you know it or not. And yes, people at QuickTrip will judge.

9. Hearing your kid learn the words "uh-oh" is cute...until he throws his spoon for the umpteenth time during a two-hour dinner. Then it's just exasperating.

10. A table full of one year olds in full size chairs eating food is hilarious. I should make a YouTube video.

What's new with you and the kids, momma?