Monday, April 14, 2014

11 Months of You

Owner of a two-tooth grin. Capable of stair climbing. Follower of shatever big brother does. Eats for two...or four. Outdoorsmen. Baller (basketball is choice). Bath squealer. "Uh oh" proclaimer. Waver. Shouter: for mom, dad, dog and cat...or anyone that may be in view that could potentially feed him. Zero tolerance policer for the carseat. Winner of loudest crawler. Potential drummer. Licker of dog bowls. Rocker of chairs. Shaker of head with a devilish smile. Illustrator of his bigness. Toe tapper. Table skimmer. Dramatic melter. Requirer of constant observation lest chaos ensue. Ear infection acquirer and runny nose winner. Life of the party. Chuckler. Head banger. Grocery store flirt. Grabber of food and death trap items. Adorer of the eldest. Momma's boy. Chunker. Avoider of diaper changes. Fearless defender. Pancake champion. Wrestler. Grunter. Cabinet door opener.

The owner of our hearts.

Happy 11 months, little Liam. We can't wait to see what you do next.

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