Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stranded in the City

And no, I'm not tucked away with a Candace Bushnell novel. Or that one that every woman seems to be going bananas about that I think I'm going to have to go ahead and download due to it's provacative nickname...

Instead I'm staying a few extra days to help out a colleague and friend who lost what sounded like one heckuva Grandfather so she can continue to celebrate his life.

So please pardon the interruption and I can't wait to connect with you soon. You know, right after I'm done hanging with Radiology and OR peeps, who are in fact, pretty awesome.

Ok, ok, not as awesome as these two goons I miss with a whole heart:

But awesome nonetheless.

And watch out: this is my sixth and final out-of-state work trip for the you'll see a lot of more of me and my mindless brain dumps here soon.

Right after I'm done being stranded in the city. A really beautiful city...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why's the Weekend Hafta End?: The Easter Version

A pre-school party, Saturday morning parade, food that instantly makes your mouth water, cherished time with family, champagne at breakfast with red velvet muffins, full Easter baskets and full hearts, long tricycle rides, progressive potty training, planting that first bulb, indulging in the season's first bomb pop, lots of candy, gratitude and more magic than one little heart can hold.

Why's it hafta end?

Happy Easter!

The Naked Truth

“Take cues from your child…” I read aloud as the hubs and I giggled through the latest email, pouring through the milestones and sharing recent stories of our little dude that just one or the other had seen.

This particular weekly alert focused on parents who were curious as to whether they should step out of that shower in front of their toddler/pre-schooler, where their word counts stood, the scoop on dressing themselves and more. Of all, the information, the least concern we had was on the nekid part, but little did we know how it would play out in our home just a few days later…

Scene: our little family attempting to get out of the house and to a picnic in the next 15 minutes. Daddy decides a quick shower is in order. Mommy is frantically searching for her tee and packing the outdoor bag, unearthing sunscreen, basketballs, blankets and more. Son is throwing Hot Wheels across the bed because, well, he’s a 2.5 year old boy. Daddy decides to emerge from steamy shower with a towel on his waist. Son stops dead in his tracks, stares at Daddy for a minute and simply says…

“EWWW! Put a shirt on!”

Mommy falls over in laughter, tears pouring down her face while Daddy chides son in jest for his comical comment, warning him that he too will someday contain the amount of chest hair currently available on his frame.

End scene.

I guess we know where our pre-schooler stands on the issue.

And Daddy? His self-esteem is still recovering. After all, the “boo boo incident” wasn’t that long ago.

And me? Not planning to take the little dude swimsuit shopping with me lest my self-worth completely go down the drain.

Kids: the perfect place to go if you’re seeking the naked truth.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moms and Swaps

“So, you just bring some of your favorite items that total under 25 bucks and do like a sassy, fun exchange?” I chatted excitedly with my gal pal over the phone as we planned for our next Moms’ group gathering. “Perfect – I’ll invite the girls!”

A week later we’re perched in her dining room, snuggled against the setting sun amongst pita chips and pizza, sharing the latest and greatest on our sons and daughters. Hours pass as we chat excitedly, swap strategies for managing boys at the dinner table and laugh at the things that tumble out of toddlers’ mouths. Tears of laughter, sighs of empathetic understanding and head nods of agreement were shared, then the real swap begins…

Each Mom drew a number, similar to white elephant style, and held onto them as the game began. Number one went first, choosing her gift of choice, generally based on size or favorite packaging. The second Mom then gets to choose if they steal or grab a new treat from the pile and so on and so forth. And as most swaps go, no one had the courage to steal because you just can’t resist what could be in one of those deliciously wrapped gifts.

In them were beach bags filled with pool goods, chocolate treats and beauty products, Mom journals and jewels, patterned recyclable bags, Crate and Barrel bowls and more. It was like Christmas on a Friday.

And the best gifts of all? The companionships and confidantes found on the comfortable couches.

Moms and swaps – a delight!

Dope Soap

"Seriously?! Cradle cap at two-and-a-half years old?" I muttered to the gal buzzing away with a two-guard at the little dude's skull. "Yep, you may try..." she began, rattling off a slew of products that just wouldn't cut it for Mr. Sensitive Skin.

So a few rounds of Burt's Bees, Aveeno and Johnson and Johnson later, we arrived at:


A classic throw-back jam that is gentle and free, has only a few ingredients and even smells great. The soap has left his skin smooth and silky, while his hair soft and managable despite his hard days of play.

And for cradle cap? Just a teaspoon of olive oil and a comb run through his hair and he was like new.

Suave. Totally dope soap.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why's the Weekend Gotta End?

A return flight from San Diego to fresh carpet I didn't even have to install, tadpole fishing, carb loading with girlfriends, helping a first-timer register for baby, Jayhawk wins, ice cream, more "stuff" sold on Craig's List and lots and lots of love.

Why's the weekend gotta end?