Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Naked Truth

“Take cues from your child…” I read aloud as the hubs and I giggled through the latest email, pouring through the milestones and sharing recent stories of our little dude that just one or the other had seen.

This particular weekly alert focused on parents who were curious as to whether they should step out of that shower in front of their toddler/pre-schooler, where their word counts stood, the scoop on dressing themselves and more. Of all, the information, the least concern we had was on the nekid part, but little did we know how it would play out in our home just a few days later…

Scene: our little family attempting to get out of the house and to a picnic in the next 15 minutes. Daddy decides a quick shower is in order. Mommy is frantically searching for her tee and packing the outdoor bag, unearthing sunscreen, basketballs, blankets and more. Son is throwing Hot Wheels across the bed because, well, he’s a 2.5 year old boy. Daddy decides to emerge from steamy shower with a towel on his waist. Son stops dead in his tracks, stares at Daddy for a minute and simply says…

“EWWW! Put a shirt on!”

Mommy falls over in laughter, tears pouring down her face while Daddy chides son in jest for his comical comment, warning him that he too will someday contain the amount of chest hair currently available on his frame.

End scene.

I guess we know where our pre-schooler stands on the issue.

And Daddy? His self-esteem is still recovering. After all, the “boo boo incident” wasn’t that long ago.

And me? Not planning to take the little dude swimsuit shopping with me lest my self-worth completely go down the drain.

Kids: the perfect place to go if you’re seeking the naked truth.


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