Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stranded in the City

And no, I'm not tucked away with a Candace Bushnell novel. Or that one that every woman seems to be going bananas about that I think I'm going to have to go ahead and download due to it's provacative nickname...

Instead I'm staying a few extra days to help out a colleague and friend who lost what sounded like one heckuva Grandfather so she can continue to celebrate his life.

So please pardon the interruption and I can't wait to connect with you soon. You know, right after I'm done hanging with Radiology and OR peeps, who are in fact, pretty awesome.

Ok, ok, not as awesome as these two goons I miss with a whole heart:

But awesome nonetheless.

And watch out: this is my sixth and final out-of-state work trip for the you'll see a lot of more of me and my mindless brain dumps here soon.

Right after I'm done being stranded in the city. A really beautiful city...

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