Monday, October 29, 2012

Falling in Love Again

"You think it will never happen...that your heart will expand to love another little being as much as your first. But it will. I promise."

And you know what? They were right.

Maybe it was the spa music or the friendly techs and nurses that felt like my best friends. Perhaps it was the 25 minutes they spent inspecting every inch of our little sprout. Or it could have been the gentle movements baby made to brush her cheeks, give us a rear view and cross its legs in which I secretly hope is a lady-like style.

But regardless, another piece of my heart shattered away, gone to the winds of love I've never known before.

I can't wait to give the shards to you, little Sprout, to grow, nurture and love like we never thought possible.

This is finally real. And exciting. And this level two sono a few weeks back? Left me real excited. Like I'm falling in love all over again.

Phat Pants

On a normal day, a woman of substance such as myself struggles to find a pair of pantelones, fighting the woes of pockets sewed on hips, the waist to booty ratio or just giving up and resorting to Mom jeans. Don't even get me started on the denim for these divas and deirrieres. Add pregnancy to that list and it's a whole new ball game of self hatred, deep sighs as she pours through the skinny jeans (for maternity, what?!) and a whole loss of perspective as you just try to dress for that upcoming business meeting. That's why I was pumped to find these on this go round of expanding our family:

Trousers from GAP - no awkward pockets; demi and full panels, the perfect length, and wash up great with a bit of flare to balance those child bearing hips

GAP's Long and Lean jeans; just the right amount of stretch, full panel for maximum slouching and lounging around and that beloved flare to balance out the pear

And for the expanding "girls," I received a recommendation from my well endowed, knowledgable gal pal who happens to work at a lingerie store to hit Soma. Here, I fell in love with the Embracable full coverage bra, and at only $40, it was just right to get me through until I hit that good ol' nursing stage.

Because if you're going to celebrate while enduring the symptoms, you might as well be comfy and cute, right?!

Thank you, GAP, for fat pants that work. Cheers!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why's the WEEK Hafta END?!

Wrapping up a successful meeting with the Radiology Directors

Snagging a mani at the new Hoopla Studio with a beloved gal pal

Picking up the love of my life early on a Friday after three days apart

Attending an annual Halloween party with the neighbors...with "Magic Mike" himself

Scoring some mother/son time as Daddy recuperates from above party

Pumpkin carving and E.T. watching to get in the spirit

A quiet, leafy walk among gorgeous colors and two men who have my whole heart

How was your weekend?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Debt Mart...Er, Holiday Mart 2012

This year's Holiday Mart sponsored by Junior League did not disappoint! In fact, I found my tired and nauseous behind not only taking a 10-hour national vacation day from work for it on Friday, but stole a few unsupervised hours to drop even more dough I don't have on Sunday. Here's a look at the loot:
Teacher gifts from SarahJanes

A mish mash of gem knockoffs and some Emi Jay hair ties...including a Leighelena cuff that a co-worker bestie scored that I admire so much I had to copy

A monogram for our front door that I'll adorn with seasonal stuff surrounding it from Prairie Patches

My major splurge (saves the hubs the angst of finding and wrapping) of my new Mom's necklace from Nelle and Lizzy that includes the the hubs' birthstone and that of the new baby's Sprout

More delicious bites than a girl can dream of, mostly cherry

Feelin' festive with some clip on ornaments and loads of cheap wrap from Shaeffer House

Sprout's first burp cloths...because his/her brother's were more toss worthy than reusable worthy

Thanks to my marathon partner, Mom, for combing the booths for stuff she doesn't even care about. (Ironic I was supposed to be running the actual KC Marathon this weekend before being withchild. Surely my 25,000 steps around the vendors pay some sort of tribute.). And for all the beloved friends I ran into and had awkward social skills because of my laser focus on crossing off half my Christmas list.

I propose it's called Debt Mart next year. But at least it's for a good cause, right?! And girl, I had FUN. I can just now feel the wild eyed look leaving my face and the adrenaline slowly leaking away...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sh*t the Price Chopper Lady Says

Scene: It’s 7:30 a.m. and I’m frantically searching the aisles for the perfect foods to bring to the day’s events, running late for work, nauseous and just suffered through a rough drop off at pre-school. Guilt’s high. Tolerance low. Perspective lost. The race is on. Then I proceed to checkout and greeted by a “friendly” cashier:

PC Lady: “So, when’s this baby due?”

Me: “April.” (with a polite smile)

PC Lady: contorts her face into a horrified, judgmental stare at my mid section. “Are you SURE there aren’t two or three in there? You’re huge already!”

Me: Not even stunned at the lack of social skills yet because hey, I work with adults all day long. “Yep – there’s just one in there.” Note the slight warning to DO NOT PROCEED FURTHER with any out of line comments at this time. Seriously – it’s not even 8 a.m. yet lady. PS: have you not learned what pg women are capable of yet? Or really, just females in general. We’re a wicked sort.

PC Lady: “Hmmmm – maybe it’s that choice of dress you’ve made for today.”

Me: Takes a rare moment to gather myself to avoid potentially losing it. Not my style, but starting to warrant that for PC Lady, it may be well deserved. Comebacks, though lame, start circling my thoughts as she was not the most svelte of ladies I’ve seen lately either. But gah knows I could never live with myself if the vernacular escaped my pie hole.

PC Lady: “You know, I have two grandsons….yada yada….they’re very active…yada yada…my granddaughter stays tiny chasing them….yada yada.”

Me: Swipes card. Stares blankly. Gather bags. Go through motions. Try not to reach palms across divider and place around her neck. Can’t anyway because my belly is too large as she’s kindly pointed out. As if I didn’t know.

PC Lady: “Have a nice day?”

Me: Under breath, “how can I?!” A weak “thank you.” Because I did mostly grow up in Omaha you know, and that’s how we roll.

Enter SUV and get riled up, making three phone calls to the hubs and friends who will understand. Ok, the husband not so much, but I knew he’d laugh, and that’s what I needed too. Tell a few gals at work and they have the perfect comebacks:

“Lady- you need a filter. They’re in aisle 8.”
“I’m pregnant. What’s your excuse?”
“You know, after this baby comes out, I’ll get closer to looking fit and healthy again. But you – you’ll just be the same. Think on that one!”

And a few more that I just can’t type here. This is a family blog, people. Though I love you for your support.

The more I share my story in jest at the tenacity of others, the more I hear this happens frequently to my pg friends. One of my favorite preggos was told at GAP (who was selling the maternity dress) she shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes because it’s not flatter for her growing figure. Another was told she had to be off from her due date because there’s no way she’d actually be that huge. Couple this with the constant judgments of if you’ll continue to work outside the home or not, what kind of daycare you go to, what faith you’ll raise them in, if you breastfeed or not, what you expect of your husband, etc. and it’s enough to make a gal’s head spin off her shoulders.

Um, rude. What is you people’s problem? Did your Mama teach you no manners? My MO is never to even bring it up, even if the Mom is practically birthing right there. Let her do it first, because you never know the situation. And these women are fragile and on the verge enough – they need to be celebrated with careful love, thoughtful attention and grace. Yowzer.

So ladies, knocked up or not, what are some of the crazy things others have said to you and how did you react? And what’s our plan for bringing kindness and social manners back to this place?

Cause gah knows we need some! That means you, PC Lady. That means you.

Love – the customer that’s not going through your line again…at least unprepared.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gym Rat

Nearly all the pediatric literature points to the fact that pre-school kids like to know what to expect. Therefore having already committed 13 years of my life being employed by children’s hospitals, I rolled with it. But given last night’s shenanigans, I’m thinking I need to be a bit more selective as to when I apply this tactic:

7:00 p.m.: “Daddy – did you know we’re going to the GYM tomorrow morning?! We’re gonna play basketball. And I’m going to wear my shiny shorts, my Nike shirt and bring my train ball. And I’m going to beat you. It’s going to be so fun. Right, Mommy?”

7:15 p.m.: “Mommy, we’re going to the gym tomorrow, right?! Wait – can we go now, or is it not tomorrow night yet?”

8:08 p.m.: “Mommy. Daddy. I’m taking a bath so I can be super prepared for my gym day tomorrow.”


9:10 p.m.: “I just need ONE more drink so I’m hydrated for the gym.”

9:40 p.m.: “I can’t shut my eyes because I’m thinking about the gym.”


1:41 a.m.: “The thunder woke me up, so we might as well go to the gym.”

3:22 a.m.: Undecipherable whining but clearly heard the work “gym.”

4:52 a.m.: “Is the gym open now?”

6:10 a.m.: “Let’s go eat our eggs, which are protein, so we can go to the gym. Wait – I don’t want to eat, I just want to go to the gym.”

6:59 a.m.: “I’m going to FINALLY wake Daddy so we can all go to the gym.”

8:10 a.m.: We arrive at the damn gym.

10:05 a.m.: Fit because we’re leaving the gym.

Wish I loved the gym that much...

A Party for Three

September 15. A just-the-right temp and cloud cover kind of day for celebrating at a local park and engaging the kids in a trike race.

Thirty of our most beloved. The wrong cake, but tasty nonetheless. 

Hours of fresh air and best pre-school friends to share the moments. A balloon man with mad skills.

So much love and hands to help make it all happen.

We're incredibly grateful. For a big three-year old who continues to steal our hearts in ways we could've never known and for those that make raising him the celebration it is.

We love you all. Happy party little dude! May it have been all you've wished for and more.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pot Luck

Next week marks evenings full of preparing meals for much loved, much deserved friends and family. From a Halloween and going away party, celebration of life, cancer support, weenie roast and girls' evening in, it's sure to be a week of emotions and rich hugs. Here's some wish list items I'd love to prepare:

Wait a minute...these are all desserts. And carbs. And liquor. Which is all too revealing of my preferences and er, my diet. And gah knows of my "culinary skills."

Any great recipes you've tried to entertain and support your friends? Because this gal needs to expand beyond the sweets...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why's the WEEK Hafta END?!

Friday family game night where little dude played "Memory" for TWO HOURS

Party for one beloved gal pal, Katie, at Kill Devil Club
Not my basement but looks remarkably like the "before" shot - thanks Mom!

A trip to Louisburg Cider Fest

Seriously - we could go just for the donuts

Newspaper as two hour imaginary play tactic

And if I were to be totally honest, a grueling battle with nausea that I was failing to win. But let's just focus on those smiles, shall we?

Because smiles like that make it all worth it.

Hope your weekend was full of them too!

Donning the Orange and Black

Little dude will be Spiderman and Daddy is scheduled to dress as Batman, but Mommy...this is the best she can do this season:

You know, because the whole concept of the hubs dressing like the milk man and me as a housewife isn't all that appropriate for all those school parties...

But funny, yes?!

Spreading the News

It's social media official - Mike, Lawson and I will expand our patch to include a little pumpkin in April 2013! Here's a look at the various ways we've shared the news:

Other ways included Campbell's soup cans tied with taffeta and a goofy poem, an envelope with a fitting fortune on the front I had received days before discovering the positive sign and straight up dropping it in conversation unexpectedly. Each decided on a whim and celebrated with those we are so grateful for day in day out.

To answer the questions that are always immediately asked: a) I've just entered the second trimester b) we'll find out the gender in December and a boy or girl will be the perfect corner piece to our family puzzle c) yes, L knows and is extremely pumped most days d) yes, I have all those challenging symptoms but not nearly as tough as with the little dude above (read: no weekly IVs, hospital visits and PICC lines!) and keep perspective when hovering over trash cans 24 hours a day by reminding myself this usually means things are going well e) no, the half marathon this month is no longer happening as I wasn't fit enough to continue to push to the finish line. Next year!

We can't wait to share the journey with you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Snuggle Up

I don't know what it was about this evening that caused my ever-moving, not even sitting to eat preschooler decide his Mommy's lap was the place to be for a whole 97 minutes. My guess is it's the impending change in weather, recent life changes where he was dreaming of being a baby again or a nasty virus that will rear it's ugly head later this week, but regardless it was pure heaven.

Snuggling up. There just isn't anything better.

PS: This pic is further proof it never happens. There are no cuddling pics to be had for the last year!