Monday, October 29, 2012

Phat Pants

On a normal day, a woman of substance such as myself struggles to find a pair of pantelones, fighting the woes of pockets sewed on hips, the waist to booty ratio or just giving up and resorting to Mom jeans. Don't even get me started on the denim for these divas and deirrieres. Add pregnancy to that list and it's a whole new ball game of self hatred, deep sighs as she pours through the skinny jeans (for maternity, what?!) and a whole loss of perspective as you just try to dress for that upcoming business meeting. That's why I was pumped to find these on this go round of expanding our family:

Trousers from GAP - no awkward pockets; demi and full panels, the perfect length, and wash up great with a bit of flare to balance those child bearing hips

GAP's Long and Lean jeans; just the right amount of stretch, full panel for maximum slouching and lounging around and that beloved flare to balance out the pear

And for the expanding "girls," I received a recommendation from my well endowed, knowledgable gal pal who happens to work at a lingerie store to hit Soma. Here, I fell in love with the Embracable full coverage bra, and at only $40, it was just right to get me through until I hit that good ol' nursing stage.

Because if you're going to celebrate while enduring the symptoms, you might as well be comfy and cute, right?!

Thank you, GAP, for fat pants that work. Cheers!

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