Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spreading the News

It's social media official - Mike, Lawson and I will expand our patch to include a little pumpkin in April 2013! Here's a look at the various ways we've shared the news:

Other ways included Campbell's soup cans tied with taffeta and a goofy poem, an envelope with a fitting fortune on the front I had received days before discovering the positive sign and straight up dropping it in conversation unexpectedly. Each decided on a whim and celebrated with those we are so grateful for day in day out.

To answer the questions that are always immediately asked: a) I've just entered the second trimester b) we'll find out the gender in December and a boy or girl will be the perfect corner piece to our family puzzle c) yes, L knows and is extremely pumped most days d) yes, I have all those challenging symptoms but not nearly as tough as with the little dude above (read: no weekly IVs, hospital visits and PICC lines!) and keep perspective when hovering over trash cans 24 hours a day by reminding myself this usually means things are going well e) no, the half marathon this month is no longer happening as I wasn't fit enough to continue to push to the finish line. Next year!

We can't wait to share the journey with you!

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