Sunday, October 21, 2012

Debt Mart...Er, Holiday Mart 2012

This year's Holiday Mart sponsored by Junior League did not disappoint! In fact, I found my tired and nauseous behind not only taking a 10-hour national vacation day from work for it on Friday, but stole a few unsupervised hours to drop even more dough I don't have on Sunday. Here's a look at the loot:
Teacher gifts from SarahJanes

A mish mash of gem knockoffs and some Emi Jay hair ties...including a Leighelena cuff that a co-worker bestie scored that I admire so much I had to copy

A monogram for our front door that I'll adorn with seasonal stuff surrounding it from Prairie Patches

My major splurge (saves the hubs the angst of finding and wrapping) of my new Mom's necklace from Nelle and Lizzy that includes the the hubs' birthstone and that of the new baby's Sprout

More delicious bites than a girl can dream of, mostly cherry

Feelin' festive with some clip on ornaments and loads of cheap wrap from Shaeffer House

Sprout's first burp cloths...because his/her brother's were more toss worthy than reusable worthy

Thanks to my marathon partner, Mom, for combing the booths for stuff she doesn't even care about. (Ironic I was supposed to be running the actual KC Marathon this weekend before being withchild. Surely my 25,000 steps around the vendors pay some sort of tribute.). And for all the beloved friends I ran into and had awkward social skills because of my laser focus on crossing off half my Christmas list.

I propose it's called Debt Mart next year. But at least it's for a good cause, right?! And girl, I had FUN. I can just now feel the wild eyed look leaving my face and the adrenaline slowly leaking away...

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