Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sexy Safety

"Wait, you don't carry your ID with you when you're jogging?!" my brother and sis-in-law stared at me in disbelief, most likely calculating the number of times I couldn't find my way out of a box. We were about to go our separate ways on one of Georgia's more prettier parks, which included lack of signs to maintain its beauty. I could see them already slightly panicking about where they may have to pick me up once I took a wrong turn. This is all fair - I barely make it to my best friends' homes without Siri.

Couple this with a mild heart condition, race training underway and general lack of planning when I hit the trails, these two were right - I should carry an ID. But this to-do item generally falls under the "sh*t I should do but never seem to remember or get to"...kind of like "eating healthy," "winterizing the furnace" and "filing papers."

So, being the kind, wonderful people they are...my bro and SIL took care of it for me.

A friendly text banter with the two told me to expect a small package on Thursday, which is always a delight. Any personal mail, even if it was a forgotten item during our recent visit, is welcome and enjoyed. The day arrived and hence the adorable package with witty marketing, a solid case and a gift so thoughtful, I had to have a little welling of the water behind the eyes.

Among the catchy packaging lay a small silver disk that slides and stays perfectly over my beloved Apple watch band. Etched on it is my name, my emergency contacts, the first responder code for my heart condition and the quote "Make each moment count." It's meaningful, well-constructed, innovative and incredibly useful. And to have someone care so much about your safety to send a gift like this for no reason was truly heartwarming.

There's a plate for nearly any device - check out the RoadID site to see them all in their glory. It's the perfect gift for someone you love or a person you just flat out worry about.

Plate yourself up or do so for a loved one today - they'll thank you for it. And they'll look knowledgable and cool while they're doing it...