Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moms and Swaps

“So, you just bring some of your favorite items that total under 25 bucks and do like a sassy, fun exchange?” I chatted excitedly with my gal pal over the phone as we planned for our next Moms’ group gathering. “Perfect – I’ll invite the girls!”

A week later we’re perched in her dining room, snuggled against the setting sun amongst pita chips and pizza, sharing the latest and greatest on our sons and daughters. Hours pass as we chat excitedly, swap strategies for managing boys at the dinner table and laugh at the things that tumble out of toddlers’ mouths. Tears of laughter, sighs of empathetic understanding and head nods of agreement were shared, then the real swap begins…

Each Mom drew a number, similar to white elephant style, and held onto them as the game began. Number one went first, choosing her gift of choice, generally based on size or favorite packaging. The second Mom then gets to choose if they steal or grab a new treat from the pile and so on and so forth. And as most swaps go, no one had the courage to steal because you just can’t resist what could be in one of those deliciously wrapped gifts.

In them were beach bags filled with pool goods, chocolate treats and beauty products, Mom journals and jewels, patterned recyclable bags, Crate and Barrel bowls and more. It was like Christmas on a Friday.

And the best gifts of all? The companionships and confidantes found on the comfortable couches.

Moms and swaps – a delight!

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MerciBlahBlah said...

OOooh, I love a good swap. Sounds like a great time!!