Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Swooning for This Crooning

"Come on Shazam, work with me!" I shouted to an empty room around midnight, hours of uselessness in play as I worked my way through a month's worth of DVR catch-up. I desperately tried to Shazam the song in the background of the Grey's episode I was watching, moved by the singer's rich voice and trying to place the words as one I've known and loved before.

Turned out it was this guy:

Sam Smith. And the song? "How Will I Know" originally by Whitney Houston.

So this got me delving further into his work. Now he's a staple on my Pandora station. With a rich R&B voice from slow to sultry, his lyrics and unique sound move me. Steal my heart. I love it all. For me it's a bit of Shai, Jagged Edge and Brian McKnight. Swoon! Sam Smith: I adore you and having quickly become your number one fan. Even better: he showed up on SNL this past weekend - whaaa?! Over.the.moon.

Speaking of other fabulous tunes in play these days, did you catch JT's new song on Jimmy Fallon?

I mean, you can't go wrong with JT, anyway, but how sweet is this little love ditty.

Finally, did you hear they are releasing 10 more MJ songs this summer? I've never done a pre-sale, but consider it done.

So get online. Get with Sam. And join me in swooning for the crooning.

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