Monday, April 14, 2014

Crazy for Clarks

"Um, yah - I'm going to need that one in both colors," I said sheepishly, anxiously awaiting the scolding text from the husband.

It was that time of every two or three years: the replenishing of the sandals. Having spotted a fabulous pair on, she led me to Clark's at Town Center where I scored for the whole season, plus discovered footwear for my soon to be walker:

Amelia Avery in red: beyond comfy and adds some sass to a spring ensem - I can literally run in them! Slowly, but, that would be my pace anyway...

Cynthia Arlene: a twist on a classic pump with some character. Wore them for three days straight running around at a conference and they were perfect. A must-buy in the champagne color as well!

Caslynn Regine: slippers. Literal slippers. And perfect for adding to those ankle pants.

Tiny Soft: flexible, super soft and come in wides - perfect for the fat footed learning to walk

Tiny Sun: the perfect spring shoe for the pre walker. Just stick their little pinkies in and they're off or dragging them with minimal damage to the toe.

Visit Clarks today and make these yours. Built to last, darling, comfy and worth every single penny! Even if your husband disagrees...

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