Sunday, April 27, 2014

Simple White Cake for the Not So Simple Eaters

"Alert: this non-domestic diva needs to throw together a cake for her soon to be one year old and his compadres - can you help?" I typed furiously to my expert friend Kerry, mother extraordinaire and natural food blogger.

Within hours she had a list of fabulously simple recipes for my milk and nut allergy child, saving the day for one mom who suddenly thought the cake was the answer to the child being one. It's called coping with reality my friends...

A quick trip to the grocery and an hour later this little puppy was ours:
Simple White Cake - all
Simple. Delicious. Substituted with vegan butter and rice milk and still fluffy vanilla deliciousness. It even passed the husband sniff test. Even sans frosting (I just couldn't quite wrap my brain around milk free frosting at 11 p.m. at night after three days of no sleep), it was tasty as could be. I can't even imagine the damage with a little gooey yumminess on top.

Ok, so the birthday boy wasn't exactly certain what to do with all the sweetness besides treat the dog, but a few shovels in and he got the gist.

So thank you, Wise Mom, for flying in on your cape as usual and creating a birthday memory our boys and stomachs will be thankful for. We heart you...and this simple white cake for the not so simple eaters.

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