Sunday, May 4, 2014

One Sure Was Fun

A happy, healthy birthday boy who has brought more joy
to our lives in one year than ever thought possible
An amazing uncle who flew in for the occasion 
A quiet moment (and an adorable onesie courtesy of The Thread Studio on Etsy) before the party
A sweet Nana always good for a giggle
A moment with the best Daddy a birthday boy could wish for
A moment to attempt a family photo
A loving Mimi who always elicits smiles
A tentative take on the smash cake (created lovingly by Aunt Carrie) 
A quick snuggle with Papa
Simple but fun decor courtesy of May Details on Etsy
A pause to catch up with Grandpa
Twelve months of Liam
A doting, caring Great Grandmother
A set of blocks for sentiments
A deck full of friends and loved ones

Delicious wedding cakesque cupcakes that are already gone
A loving embrace with family galore
A-plus. That sums up the weekend.

A soiree fit for the little king. A deck full of loved ones. A set of grins on faces we love more than they could ever know. A boatload of icing. A circle of laughter and hugs. A chance to sit, relish, enjoy and know that this is what life is all about: a jovial, heart-grabbing little boy and his lucky, lucky family who has a whole village that has their back. A year that can't compare to any others.

Yep. A+ all around.

Happy birthday, little Liam. We love you! And you, and you, and you. Thank you all for making it so special!

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