Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boy in Socks

There's been a sunglass phase. Bike helmets, super heroes, shorts only, no clothes at all phases too. But one trend that has never changed since he was just over a year:

Big L at 2 years old


The taller the better. Brighter the better. Softer the better. More patterned the better.

Big L at 4.5 years old

It doesn't get better than this.

I love this boy and all his flair. May the world let him remain this way as long as his little sock lovin' soul desires.

PS: If you're looking for bigger boy sizes that look athletic like you see all the dudes wearing and don't want to spend UnderArmour prices, try WalMart and Target. We've very happy with the Gold Toe and a few other brands at a much reduced cost. Then stick a shoe in 'em!


boylovet said...

Love his sweet socks

boylovet said...

Love his sweet socks