Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Mother's Mantle

This Mother's Day will not be as anticipated with two sick boys and Mommy on the road, which is why I'm extra grateful to daycare and pre-school for decorating my mantle in lieu of celebrating:

For every time we angst over our monthly payments, these little numbers made up it. A flower comprised of the Little L's hand and footprints complete with a cute poem, a canvas bag featuring more of the same from the big and a heart made of buttons with the badge of honor we mommas crave. 

Love. Swoon.

Now let's digest the purple document that's a pre-schooler's form of MadLibs, shall we? 

First, I absolutely adore this and am over the moon school did it because despite several subtle hints, plus application on Father's Day, let's face, no Google searches for a quiz was going to happen by daddy. Here are my thoughts:

1. I'm impressed he can recall my middle name.

2. Love that we went over my age on my recent birthday so I don't have to feel shame. That whole weight thing could use a zero after it, but who's counting?

3. My stomach did a tiny flip that he listed that I like to work as his first thought when asked what I like, but the fact that playing and wrestling outnumber this response makes me smile. Plus he could mean "work on being a mom" or "work on a marriage" or "work on the house"...what, no? Sigh. Knowing he gets his momma is working to make a difference with children's hospitals though I see as a definite plus and hope he does too.

4. The taco vs. vegetable comment? Accurate. True. And so, so shameful. Dr. D would be disappointed.

5. I'm grateful he picked up that I play music while driving vs. cursing or waving my arms in distress. Now if he repeated some of the words he hears on said radio at times...eesh.

6. The driving range comments mean guilt for this BoyMom. I used to take him every month before Little L arrived. Now penned in for next week.

7. Hugs - check. I will do it forever.

8. Wait, did he say he wants to get me a baby for Mother's Day? First, this makes no sense as the sibling has rocked his kingdom and they are currently fighting for dictatorship. Second, I'm incredibly grateful the boy doesn't have financial means or knowledge of the adoption process. For now, I will watch him more closely when he comments on how cute the babes are in the grocery store...we don't need him bringing one of those home in a sack. Don't get me wrong - I want for anyone who desires a child for this dream to come true and kids are the center of my heart, it's just that our little family is complete. The husband has a doctor bill to prove it. Also, is this his tricky way of telling me I love the baby more than him again?! Sneaky, sneaky...

A mother's mantle. Full of truth, love and happiness.

More to come on Mother's Day soon and wishing you and yours one you'll always cherish!

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