Thursday, May 29, 2014

Go To Gift

The start of summer marks weekends full of kids' birthday parties, our bulletin board lined with adorable invites, pictures of children we love as our own and the chance to connect with families on the weekend. But between BBQs, happy hours, neighborhood gatherings! to you ensure you have that perfect gift purchased and wrapped, ready for the pop up parties?

Simple: keep a stash!

For summer birthdays, I stow away our go-to gift for kiddos: a beach towel and swim toy. Perfect for nearly any age, a family can never have enough towels, and between the ability to monogram or pick their favorite superhero, it's fun and easy to personalize the gift.

Then tack on some diving sticks, goggles, pool noodle or kick board, slap a bow on them and wa have a happy birthday boy or girl, ready with new gear for water fun, even if it ends up being the bathtub.

So next time you're at Target, start your stash. It will leave you time to drink those Twisted Teas I was telling you about...

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