Wednesday, June 4, 2014


"Mama - do you want to take this with you so you'll think of me?" he asks curiously, a small Pokeman token tucked in his palm.

"Absolutely buddy. But you know you're always with me and I'm thinking about you every moment, right?" I say, taking advantage of a quiet moment to complete our ritual of drawing a heart on the top of his hand with a Sharpie.

"Yeah - I know Mama. And it's all going to be fine."

Four girls who don't see each other nearly enough leave today from different states to meet in Edisto Island, a small getaway we've been plotting and dreaming of for many months. The thought of acquiring more than five hours of consecutive sleep, soaking in what I hear is called vitamin D and long conversations around girly things I've not pondered for months seems incredibly appealing. And though it's never easy to leave the ones you love the most behind, the physical and soulful healing of a mom is incredibly important. Among the sandy dunes, the peaceful lapping of the bay and in the calm of a sunset, I hope to reconnect with pieces of myself I started to think were forever forgotten. And to do it with some of my dearest friends? What a gift.

So until then, dear friends, have a wonderful week. And take care of my boys, will ya? And let that older one know he's there with me at the beachside...

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