Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monday Momfessions: June 25 Week

This post is dedicated to The Second Child...and those of you lowering the bar with number two:

With the second child:
1. The curling iron (not recently used) becomes fair game to function as a toy. Same goes for Daddy's belt. Nail polish bottles. Trash cans. Gold clubs. Etc. After all, it can result in actually getting your teeth brushed and a comb through your hair without someone requiring a bandaid.

2. Clothes no longer remotely match and are really only acceptable if they can double as pajamas. Mama ain't got time for anything other than that.

3. Criteria for calling the pediatrician's office look more like "bone sticking out" or "may require stitches" vs. the first sniffle or cough. Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl are also closer friends than they used to be.

4. Activities such as swim lessons or tee ball suddenly don't start until the age 5. Meanwhile, incriminating evidence shows your first starting at six months.

5. Speaking of pictures - when are you gonna get some frames that include the new fourth member?

6. Of course you can eat that Veggie Straw off the floor, share toast with your friend, lick the playground equipment and touch the public stall door.

7. The thought of "well, that's really different than the first one" occur daily, even though you know it shouldn't. It just sneaks in there.

8. Missing a school event doesn't automatically earn you a scarlett letter and you become more comfortable with: "I mean, he won't really remember anything before 5, right?"

9. Bologna and one of brother's french fry with a side of a strawberry totally count as dinner.

10. If a nearby stranger in a salon seems gut trustworthy, go ahead and hand them the second while you finish up that shoulder massage.

What doesn't change with the second: the undeniable, all-consuming, unconditional love for this remarkable child.

Love you bunches sweet boy and hope you feel the same...even when I tell you later in life you ate off the floor. Love - Mom

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