Sunday, June 15, 2014

Out on the Deck

With the sun sinking behind the rooftops a bit later these days, the mister and I frequently find ourselves out back, one pair of feet kicked up on the table top while the other curls on the love seat. Between us, a dim light flickers, a set of hanging ones twinkling in the background and the breeze finding just the right path under the pergola to keep us comfortable. Shades of pink and purple dot the horizon between the setting sun and our neighbors well kept flower beds, and the only sound heard is the whisper of a wind chime, the lick of wind and once in awhile, family chatter from open windows. Even without a libation in hand (though that generally makes it extra spectacular), it's the perfect retreat at home.

Last year it didn't so much look like this, but rather the remains of some boards discolored and misaligned, nothing to offer shade or perch a set of ankles on and a direct view to any neighbors house. Loads of work later (we're talking taking weeks off work, calling in back up and many, many trips to Home Depot), the husband has it looking like somewhat of a haven:

Furniture and accessories from Target

Table is the handiwork of Mike Choate
Many hours of research, buckets of paint products, sanding until fingers were worn, repair and building of walls and stairs, wiring and more, it became closer to the vision we could afford and enjoy, and I'm so thankful each day my husband made it a priority for the family over the many house projects in our annual file. I'm also very appreciative of my father in law for his handiwork and time!

Though it's not perfect, it's pretty darn near so to host a first birthday party, find retreat on a Friday night, to sit alone with thoughts or host happy hour with dear friends.

So, we'll see you out on the deck? You bring the smile. We'll have the rest. Cheers!

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