Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dressed for Summer

As a woman of substance (I'd like to think in more ways than one!), dressing for summer can be tricky, substituting casual dresses for those darling lace shorts  you'd like to wear, focusing on accessories because they always fit and altering your nail polish to focus on your fingertips vs. your behind in a swimsuit. Thank goodness fashion offers something for everyone these days! Here's some finds for those that may have a bit more junk in the trunk (ok and hips) like mwah:
GAP's boyfriend short: soft and not to stretchy for those "powerful" thighs and
just the right length to hide any jiggles you're trying to stow away

A cute fedora: if your head is on the larger side, try grabbing the men's version
at H&M for $10 and replacing the ribbon with something girly

Body glide: perfect for those parts that don't hold up in the heat well

Maxi dress: flawy and full of good coverage - and comfy!

Great nail color: draw attention to those fingertips with these inexpensive and fun colors
found at Target (color shown is Mint Apple)

Tees: throw this cotton goodness on from Nordstrom (Caslon brand), mix up the colors
and throw on a long necklace and you're set for summer fun

More shorts: Old Navy's 5" short - lots of room in the hips and thighs if you have a bit of goodness
to show in that top layer of your legs

Flops: Rainbow flips with flare - comfy and neutral - a good match for all

So whether you're a size 4 or 14, get out there, get comfy, enjoy summer...and dress appropriately.


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