Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Over the Moon for Moon and Lola

"Oh-me-gggaahhh!" I squealed, sounding remarkably like the four and five year old girls I encounter at preschool drop off. "It's a CUSTOM.JEWELRY.MONOGRAM.STORE!"

Practically dragging my friend J by the arm who was suckered into what could turn into an all out gush fest over the goods, we parted with the other two and my plotting, planning and "awwww"ing began. I mean, with the ability to monogram just about any piece of jewelry in the place, where was a girl to start?!

In our few minutes in Moon and Lola in Charleston, we'd been greeted and doted on by darling southern girls willing to cope with my spastic excitement, purchase paralysis and need for visualization. For nearly an hour after I had selected a simple gold bangle that required customized charms, we played, laying item after item in the smooth velvet tray, slipping it on and off our wrists while glancing in the mirror. And though I desired every set of monogrammed studs, rings, bar jewels with my boys' birthdays, etc. to come home with me, I landed on the following:

The yellow gold cuff bracelet with collate charms in "L," and "M", a Dalton charm in "L, a clear acrylic charm with a gold silhouette of a little boy and a medium acrylic C to top it off.


Durable, custom and fabulous, I wear the thing practically daily, housing the first initials of all the great men in my life. You know, in case I ever forget...

A girl could go bananas here. So do it! Get on and treat yourself. I hope you'll find yourself as over the moon for them as I do.

Happy monogramming!

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