Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Big 4-0

No, not me, silly. These two!:
June 22, 1974 - Wedding day for John and Roxanne
The most amazing, selfless, remarkable, wise and loving parents a girl and her brother could have. And now they are celebrating 40 years of marriage together, setting the bar on what love looks like through thick and thin, in times of awesomeness and near despair and with the many ebbs and flows that come on the journey.

When asked the about their secret to making it to this milestone anniversary, they shared:

I honestly am not sure if there is really  "secret sauce" when it comes to a happy, successful marriage and will never claim to be experts, but a short list of characteristics that may make a marriage likely to last could include:   

 1. Agree on common values-- about child raising, finances for example
 2.  Respect-  demonstrate this by making big decisions together
 3. Honesty-  don't' deceive or withhold important information
 4. Communicate--- often; and listen (seek to understand, especially to understand intent)
 5. Be human-- admit when you have made a mistake and apologize, sooner rather than later
 6. Be realistic-- there is no such thing as a perfect marriage
 7. Promote the importance of family to your offspring and come together often

And you know what? They live this. 

It's all coming together now, their awesomeness, their love, their fearless in navigating as something as wonderful and challenging as marriage.

May we all find this kind of love and friendship for 40 years and more.

Congrats Mom and Dad - this is truly something to celebrate and be proud of! 

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