Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Momfessions: May 26 Week

Wow - check that out, it's actually Monday! Happy start of the week my friends! Now, to the confessions:

1. With the second child, you let him play with things like the vacuum cord so you can actually unload the dishwasher. To be fair, one eye is on the silverware while the other ensures his chance to use the cord as the latest trends in necklaces doesn't go awry.

2. I've determined that unless the activity we're engaging in as a family contains a ball, puck, hoop, bases, dirt or wrestling mat, it will be labeled as "boring." I see a long life of Sports Center ahead. Why can't he like water exhibits too?! 

3. Sometimes, hot dogs must be consumed on back to back days. It's just the way it goes.

4. The new "puppy beg" trick the Little presents at all waking hours (big eyes, looking up, crocodile tears, standing on Mommy's foot and pulling on her pant leg) has created a Jekyl and Hyde of me. Most moments I adore that I'm so loved and needed, but every once in awhile I think to myself "why not Daddy?! Or that huge pile of toys over there? Your brother? The dog?" I'm told I should ignore him once in awhile and continue on, but the dude has beast-like strength for real. He'd win against me in an arm wrestle for sure. Believe me, we've trailed this with a glass plate. Therefore, my leg loses.

5. I'm giving in: swooshy pants for all. All the time. Unless it's a holiday. Or the weather requires shorts. Then you get swooshy shorts.

6. Twisty straws are the answer to getting my toddler into his carseat. Seriously - twisty straws. Find them at Bed Bath and Beyond today and avoid the stick-straight-alligator roll-refusal to sit tomorrow.

7. This new phenomenon of the Big wanting to hit the men's room vs. women's poses a new threat to my sense of security. A million news stories, SVU episodes and newspaper headlines run through my head every time he sets foot in there. If I don't start taking my own foot out of the door or shouting in there and checking on him, it may be my name on the headlines I see soon.

8. My bedtime OCDness is slowly slipping away for the Big as summer hits. After all, the cul-de-sac parties mean built in entertainment until well after dark, for kids and mama. Better yet, he even NAPS the next day, about right when mama needs one too.

9. The Big's questions are getting harder. For example: "Will Liam die before me? What about you?" Is there a manual for this?! Or a template of common responses at least?!

10. Six days away and finding the Little can do three new tricks (um, how adorable is blowing kisses?!) and the other has graduated preschool means this whole thing is going entirely too fast. Where is that damn time machine?!

How are your kiddos, mama? Ready for summer?!

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