Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Appreciating Teachers

For the noses wiped, books read, little hands held, tears swiped, lessons learned, laughter shared, paint smeared, songs sang, turns to calm corner, snacks prepared, answers to a thousand questions, pats on the back, things you teach we'd never do at home and the love shared:

Thank you.

Teachers are tireless warriors helping to raise our kids.

So to our Canterbury leaders and my dearest friends and family who tirelessly help our boys be the best version of themselves: we appreciate you more than you'll ever know. Thank you.

And if you've forgotten it's Teacher Appreciation Week and need a simple token of thanks to throw together, here's one idea:

Grab slice n' dice cookies and stick on a note of appreciation - you can't go wrong with baked goods

Nab some gift cards and add a little sentiment (Top 5 Reasons We Adore Teacher X)

Stick a bow on it and spoil away

Teachers: appreciating you this week and always! Thanks for all you are and do.

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