Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cool Shoes

“Mommy, Momma – LOOK! COOL SHOES!”

Not exactly the words a Mom expects to hear when she has just spent a grueling day away from her most beloved, imagining him pining for her in the corner as he sat in dismay, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for her to arrive.

Yah, not so much. The kid was still focused on his cool shoes.

I’m starting to get a bit concerned there is some kind of gene that gets passed down that instills a superficial attachment to glorious, fabulous footwear and that even worse, I passed it along to a dude…

I mean, this kid is hyped about his new shoes. Not only does he believe they give him super powers particular to fast running, but he wears them to bed (“shoes to bed Mommy”), insists on them first thing in the morning (“Sssshhhooooeeeessss….” - complete with desperate arm reach and matching whining voice) and has discarded all others (including those darn cute Sperrys). Not to mention he likes to do jogging demonstrations:

Apparently, I need to go ahead and purchase the next four sizes lest New Balance chooses to discontinue this particular pair.

And yes, I may have started all this by making up some kind of magical story complete with excited shrieks just to get him to try these on. This, coupled with that gene I passed on, makes for a modern day Cinderella Man.

But at least this man will have cool shoes.

Cool shoes, man.

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