Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jolly Green Giant

When hangin’ with parents with a wee bit more experience than yourself, or catching up with others who are asking about your little one, perhaps the phrase you hear the most is “Enjoy every moment – they grow so fast” or “It all goes so quickly – the next minute you’ll turn around and they’re crazy teenagers…”

Though part of me wants to file these stories away with the similar ones that sound a bit like “when I was your age…” or “well, when we were young we never…”, the other part of me wants to scream and fight it and most of me absolutely agrees with it.

Perfect example: I tried to squeeze these bad boys on his feetsies en route to school the other day and realized that, just after two months, they no longer fit, resulting in us dashing out to buy another pair a whole size up:

Two months later, really?!

And in looking at them, they might as well have been a size 10 for the flood of emotions that suddenly took over my brain and my heart. When did this happen? And holy crap, it’s going to happen again and again, isn’t it?!

Now I get that many of you have been down this road with your little ones every few months, but mine has just been kinda hangin’ out in “I’m going to stay kinda scrawny and scrappy and not grow for a year and a half because I’m cool at this size,” so this was kind of a wake up call.

Couple this with the request to not rock as long and you’ve got one fragile Mama.

At least he’s still wearing his 18-month clothes, that Jolly Green Giant…

and all of my heart…

PS: I’m going to chalk this up to why he’s sleeping 15 HOURS each night (whenever we can pull it off). You heard that right – 7 p.m. to about 10:30 a.m. Holy.cow. Growth spurt, much?!

PPSS: Here's the next pair of shoes I'm eyeing for the little dude - apparently next month....

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