Sunday, July 31, 2011

Room Review: An Update

Happy weekend, dear friends! Before the start of the most fabulous two days of the week, I promised you a few shots of the very slightly updated boy...let's make it "toddler room":

From the doorway, with the rug we purchased when he turned one and a glimpse of the new, darker curtains. No more having four layers with the blackouts as they're built in! Also, we're still searching for some cute tie-backs.

One of the updated shelves, featuring his nickname and current #1 love, the bicycle, an antique looking item (so not a toy) from Hobby Lobby that he yearns to play with:

Shelf two featuring a tie-in to his sheets and a character he's growing to love, along with a few special personalized mementos:

His Pottery Barn Kids bedding we transitioned to a year ago to bring in some vibrant color, plus a personalized pillow from Holiday Mart:

Finally, some photos displayed! His immediate family he loves and adores:

His cluttered bookshelf housing a tender poem, half of his name in train letters, stuffed gifts and a library he adores:

Not sure how much longer we'll need this or what we'll convert it to, but his changing table housing diaper, socks, toys, shoes and other fun stuff. My favorite part? The chalkboard labels:

Finally, the piece we created on the fly during our "innovation" time together (read: keep the toddler busy time), a canvas which will be framed featuring the hands of our little family:

What a delight it's been to hear the little dude commenting on the new stuff that seems to be what his heart yearns for such as planes, trains, automobiles, monkeys, books, balls and more (don't get me wrong, the dude loves pink too and we totally embrace this). And though we had to rip off and duplicate a bit of what was happening in the pages of Pottery Barn Kids vs. the vintage feel I long for, it's ours, we like it a lot and feel extremely grateful to have this opportunity to even make it our own.

So here's to reviewing this room, embracing toddlerdom and everything in between. Cheers!

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