Friday, July 1, 2011

The End

The chapter of my life for this round of TEAM Weight Loss at Lifetime has come to an end, and here are the results:

16 pounds lost
5 inches lost in the waist
3 inches lost in the hips
1.5 inches lost in the biceps
2 inches lost in the thighs

Here's a quasi-look at my improved figure (ok, I just didn't have the cahones to post any of the swimsuit pics; I anticipate no matter how much I lose that just won't happen):

I could not be more thrilled and look forward to the next steps, next goals and next inches and LBs lost.

But I’ve got to keep going – I can’t imagine going back to what I was, feeling lost in myself, unable to identify my soul, consuming food for comfort and hiding behind clothes that make it questionable if that second child is on the way.

But can I do it again?

With 10-15 pounds to go and some more reshaping of the bod (not to mention the mind!), I’d love to participate again, but the balancing act has been tough to swallow. Engaging in this program has meant so many positive things for me, but the strain on my time away from the family is nearing too much to bear. Three nights away without cuddling with my child in the night, the rocker bouncing slowly as he tucks his little head into my shoulder to enter dream land. Three fewer opportunities to chat with my husband as the sun sets over the horizon. Two hours less of keeping up my end of the deal around the house. And hours of rigidity in an already structured life that has become a part of our family. Plus that money tree hasn’t quite sprouted yet…

So maybe it’s Tracy Anderson, a jogging stroller, Zumba class, yoga and jogging for me, on my terms and my time. If only they can deliver on the socialization and TEAM results! And the crazy accountability this programs has provided...

So the verdict’s out, but what I do know is that after nearly three months of this important commitment, I’m ever so grateful for the trainer that’s turning the whole program around, the friendly, fun folks I’ve trekked with hour after hour, week after week and my family’s supports as I worked to make myself better for them. For me. For all.

Thank you, TEAM. You’re knocked my socks off…

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