Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tradin' to Joe's

“Dude, yes, we are going to have to drive out here weekly to get some of our grub!” I said to the hubs as he looked at me in slight disbelief, other half support as we gathered frozen goods from aisle one.

We had been wandering the aisles of Leawood’s new Trader Joe’s for hours, marveling at the items that were pretty much take and bake, while at the same time healthy. Pasta filled with squash for two bucks? Yes please – the little dude will love the taste and we can hide the vegetables. Organic dog treats for three bucks? Yes. Pre-prepared sushi, a host of organic munchy treats, peanut butter, blooming flowers, fresh produce, breads filled with grains and ready to eat Mexican food freshly prepared that morning? Yes, yes and yes. And don’t forget about Joe Joe’s –their signature cookie. Um, yum.

In the two weeks it’s opened, we’ve taken a date afternoon there and just recently, I called up Dad who was stuck at home without Mom to do the same, providing him the experience of the madness and fabulousness all at one time.

So yes, the lines are worth it, directed by traffic police and all. Because walking away with three bags of yummy groceries at half the cost having just been checked out by possibly some of the nicest people you’ve met in KC? Yes.please.

So we’re tradin’ to Joes.

Now, how to convince the city to put one up in western Shawnee?!

PS: If you’re a regular Joe’s shopper or have been in your past life in a city that’s had them for years, please let me know your favorite items. I’d like to add them to our shopping list. Thanks!

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