Saturday, July 9, 2011

Picnic in the "Park"

The goal: throw a bash for the colleague’s name that you drew for his/her birthday
The gal: Kelli, newish to the team and darling as can be; Mom of two, doting wife, lover of outdoors and all things family
The challenge: do it with $25 or less – including food AND gift…for 22 people!

My solution to the challenge: picnic in the “park” (er, second floor conference room?! I can’t predict the weather peeps…)

Menu: S’mores (microwave prepared), Ants on a Log, Heavenly Brownies, Chips and Salsa

The décor: picnic blanket (Target), plus two borrowed that aren't pictured, toys (little dude’s so she felt like family was around - also not pictured), multi-use basket (Tiffany’s in PV) complete with “Fiesta” Essie nail wear and a trashy “People” read

The music: Jack Johnson on Pandora radio

The result: all smiles

Happy birthday Kelli! May it have been all you’ve been wishing for and more!

Now, on to plotting how I can plan my soon-to-be-2yo’s party on this budget…

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