Sunday, July 24, 2011


“Alright buddy, you ready to go running with Mommy?” I asked as I tucked him into the stroller, a scowl on his face until I relinquished the fruit snacks that were generally the bribe of choice when convincing him something new was exciting. Apparently quality time with his Mama while she exercises wasn’t quite as appealing…

Fitting comfortably into the soft seat, I quickly adjusted the straps, placed my water bottle in the holder, tucked away a motorcycle or two and took off.

In the next 45 minutes, the following thoughts jumbled through my mind:

1) Wow – my heart rate goes up even higher plowing this thing around. I can even walk some of this! Bonus!
2) I wonder if he’s bored in there?
3) Did I put enough sunscreen on him?
4) Ok, this stroller is awesome. Lightweight and easy to maneuver once you master the whole front wheel doesn’t rotate thing.
5) Should he be wearing a helmet?
6) Um, I think it’s getting too hot already even though it’s only 8:15 a.m. Aren’t we in a ozone alert or something? What’s wrong with me?
7) Oh good – other people are out jogging and biking. I’m not a glutton for punishment.
8) What is he saying down there – he wants to go home already? He’s hot? He wants to go to Peyton’s? Crap, we’re only 1.5 miles in…and little does he know it’s 1.5 back…
9) Wow, this stroller is getting soaked with sweat in it’s first run. Poor stroller. But surely it understands. Man it’s easy to push and still keep your running posture.
10) I wonder why the Bob gets all the press? This Schwinn is pretty cool and half the price.
11) What? He still is begging to go home? And now he’s borderline crying. The kid never cries. I’m a bad Mom.
12) But yeah, I’m diggin’ this stroller. Glad I got to take it out. Maybe next time I go when it’s not 100. If he lets there be a next time…

And, since I’m a woman, there were 10 bzillion other thoughts as well.

But this is all to let you know:

Don’t run in an ozone alert and don’t drag your kid with you.

The Schwinn jogging stroller is awesome – find it on Amazon, Target or Babies R’ Us sites. Or just ask your friends on Facebook - they are ever so helpful. Thanks girls! Oh - and the Bob looks awesome, it just wasn't in the budget.

Happy exercising!

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