Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sneak a Peek

“Dude, none of these are going to fit you anymore!” I say to my son sitting near by, casually (read: tearing through) a basket of toys and unfurling all the neatly folded laundry I had just placed in his closet. Admitting defeat to the putting the clothes away situation, I thumbed through his hangers and began taking down his long-sleeve collection and tossed them into the “I no longer fit” bin. Then during nap I did what any good problem –solver would do: I surfed the net for cute dude clothes. And here’s a line I came up with that I adore from Peek:

Seriously sassy. Chill. And just L’s scene. Or at least according to his Mom. For now.

What has caught your eye for fall clothing this year for either you, the wee ones or the hubs?

PS: I'm still seriously ticked I didn't buy that "Gnarly" shirt. That one really made my day...even if it does seem to put my two-year old into some kind of era/situation he won't hear of until he's 21...

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