Thursday, August 25, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Late Tuesday evening I was frantically combing the town with the hour I had in search for business casual clothes to sport on my upcoming trips to Dallas. Instead of finding practical black pants, silky blouses, button downs, belts and loafers, I came upon these:

And as you know, I had already swiped these up from the anniversary sale, a Nordy's exclusive, which are currently sold out:

So now the conundrum is, which to keep? The sparkly Sperrys or the sparkly TOMS? (Note: I do have a lighter pair of silver sparkly TOMS but there is just something about the darker silver that is over-the-top. Note 2: I have Sperrys in pink, purple, fuschia and nude too. Yes, I have a problem).

Decisions, decisions.

I'd much rather be making ones like these than on healthcare reform, earthquake survival or something like that...

So join me in this frivolity - which would you choose for your closet?

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