Friday, August 19, 2011

Top 10 Things the Little Dude is Saying These Days

1. “Well that would be FUN-a!” complete with a head bob when questioning him on activities he could potentially do over the weekend
2. “I LIKE that (insert whatever it is here)!” when enjoying a song or book
3. “I’m going to school, Mommy” on our drives in each morning
4. “I stay home with Mommy two-day” right before we leave for school
5. “Lawson do it by him-self” to well, just about everything
6. “SQUISH!” for really big, amazing hugs
7. “Lawson did that!” when bringing home his art
8. “SHEWHEW! Ride horsey, Mommy!” when playing with Thurderbolt in the family room; actually he’s renamed him “Giddyup”
9. “Rock on, Mommy!” when air guitaring or dancing
10. “Close the door-a” complete with an evil grin as he locks us out of rooms
11. Bonus: “BIG BOY BED! GO SEE IT!” everyday when we come home, followed by rolling around and around in it like it’s a pile of money

I’m going to spend the rest of my life documenting and cherishing each word that comes out of that amazing boy’s mouth…even if a good 75-percent of it is “no”….

What have your kiddos been chattering about lately?

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Hilary L said...

Will just started saying Mama. Music to my ears!