Sunday, August 21, 2011

4(0) is Fabulous

Each year, we employees at CHCA take a little survey that measures satisfaction with the culture, which is quickly followed by all kinds of parties, conversations, improvement opportunities and more. And year after year you hear team members cracking jokes and gaffawing at the question: “do you have a best friend at work?” But these girls:

aren’t laughing.

Because we are each other’s best gal pals at work – and pretty darn good friends outside of it too.

With nearly two decades spanning between us in ages, family size variance, backgrounds all over the place, there a bzillion differences between the four of us. But within that, there are a million things that are the same. And we celebrate them all with the kind of love and genuine care most can only wish to find in a lifetime let alone at work.

From weekly lunch conversations that cover agenda topics beyond what almost any other colleague could imagine (husbands! Girl stuff! TMI stuff! Babies! Scandals!) , to annual holiday dinners to mani/pedi outings and a committed Friday “Lunch Bunch” to celebrating 40th birthdays and all the days in between, we plan to be together until the end….

And to keep checking that box that yes, we do have a best friend at work.

In fact, we have three of them.

How lucky are we?

Happy milestone birthday, Ms. Dana – you make 40 look fabulous. We love you to pieces. Thank you for helping us mark “yes” on that survey. And for a ridiculously fun weekend in the Ozarks!


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