Friday, August 19, 2011

End of Summer

After barely surviving one of the most challenging work weeks of my career, I decided to splurge (shhhh, don't tell the hubs) and wandered into the nail salon for a little mani/pedi action (hey, it's better than hitting the pub, right?). And with the last dog days of summer upon us, I went with a little of this:

and a little o' this:

Pink sparkles and obnoxious purple? Perfect.

In addition, we'll wrap up our summer scene with our FIRST adult trip since the little dude was born to the Ozarks to celebrate a dear friend turning 40, complete with relaxation, ridiculousness, boating sun and straight up fun. The cooler is packed, so is my suitcase, ok and another cooler and we'll hit the road soon, leaving the love of our lives behind. The good thing? I'm taking the other one with me, so it should be a blast.

Have a wonderful, memory-filled weekend everyone. Cheers!

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