Sunday, August 7, 2011

Single Digits

There are many reasons to adore single digits.

With this heat streak we’ve been having, this could be on the temperature wish list for some folks. Or with the way the stock market has been going, perhaps this is the hope that this be the way it drops vs. the whole 500 action. Then there are price increase percentages. Cholesterol levels dropping. The APR on your credit card or student loans. Likely the amount of children you want to have (or at least the amount most can truly support!) And so on and so forth.

For me, today, it’s moving to single digits in sizing – a feat I’ve been unable to conquer for nearly 12 years. I’m in disbelief. Shock even. That by moving from double-sized meals to single-sized, I’ve moved to single-digit sizing.

Now I know for most of you this is no big deal as this is your day-to-day and I'm well aware that I'm not the type of gal that makes heads turn. In fact, the hubs would tease me about this and call this a #humblebrag, so there’s a piece of me that feels a bit bizarro putting this out to the worldwide web. But then again, what do men know about how amazing it feels to be able to once again shop at the stores you’ve been admiring from afar for over a decade? The ability to actually speak up and ask the sales gal for your size over the dressing room door vs. whispering it through the slats? Or the letting go of cutting that tag out of your pants? So yah, it’s not so much about bragging, but more so about freedom. Comfort. And confidence. They wouldn’t have made a whole country song about this if it didn’t mean something, right?!

So I’ll take the single digits and celebrate them for what they mean to me.

Now if only I could ditch the Dave Ramsey plan and sweep up a few clothes that fit, sporting that single digit on the tag. Damn you, Dave Ramsey. Yet another area we need for single digits to become a part of our lives!

But for now, I’m floating on cloud 9…which is also a single digit.

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