Monday, August 15, 2011

A Party for Two

The little dude’s big day is less than a month away, so of course invites are out and plans are in the works to celebrate him as much as possible. Not that every day isn’t a party with such a vivacious, sassy, intelligent, active, hilarious little fella, but this Pisces has to always go a bit over the top:
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We’re working to keep the numbers small and the fun big this year with just a few family members and close friends with wee ones that will appreciate an hour of singing, dancing, parachuting, climbing and playing, all topped with cupcakes, grab bags and toddler fun. And of course it’s bicycle themed, because really...

he literally lives in his helmet and chatters about bicycles, motorcycles and mini bikes Thank you, Jack Black.

Think red velvet cupcakes, paper ware stuck with custom labels, a transportation-themed music set and interactive games and hopefully a day he’ll never forget (even if he is too young to really remember). After all, he’s still raving about Carson’s birthday…

A party for two – woo!

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