Monday, June 25, 2012

A "Babee" Shower!

“So you’ll bring the prociutto-wrapped asparagus while I whip together cheddar chive scones, right?” the girls gabbed as we planned over wine and pizza, me sitting quietly as my only offer so far had been a fruit salad. Because really, who could screw that up? Oh yah, that’s right…this girl. No seriously. Do you remember the Oreo Truffles with only three ingredients? Don’t ask…

One shower activity and a promise the egg casserole would be a breeze later, we moved on to the theme, delighting in how darling the invite turned out and using the “bee” motif to spout of ridiculous plays on words that continued into our email exchanges. A few trips to the grocery store, a craft night or two and some messages exchanged and the day arrived to celebrate our best friend and her baby to “bee:”

As the spread was laid and the décor hung, I marveled at the talents of these girls I loved with whole hearts, who accepted me anyway for at least having the craft of filling out the shower card. We joked about starting our own business and relished in the glowing faces around us, particularly that of Mommy-to-“bee,” Jennie, looking and feeling healthy and happy.

Several rounds of mimosas, a delectable truffle and gifts so cute they could melt your heart later, the air filled with chatter of Jennie’s amazing journey ahead, her plans for the nursery and all the love and support that was wished for her as her August date grew closer.

You’re already the most amazing Mama one can “bee” Ms. Jennie. We love you and so enjoyed celebrating with you. Can’t wait ‘till that baby to “bee” arrives!

Happy babee shower!

PS: Told you that “bee” word can work in lots of situations! Just ask Jenny S!

PPSS: And to six hostesses with the mostest…I’d hire you any day! (Katie C. not pictured as she was on a fabulously exotic trip.)

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