Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Day for Mamas

Technically should be every day, right? For all the hugs, lunch notes, hours rocked, stories read, songs sung, boo boos kissed, appointments and practices attended, errands run, meals prepared and unconditional love that flows through the family day after day? While that may be true, there’s one particular Hallmark day dedicated just to her:

Mother’s Day.

Though it’s a day late and a dollar short, I didn’t want to discount the magic that was ours: a day spent in Lawrence, dining at our favorite spot, strolling through the streets, reminding us of what’s important in our lives which was the little fingers gripped on both of ours as he swung between us, the memories we shared on Mass street and the unbreakable love between the three of us that felt so genuine in the warmth of the afternoon.

Not to mention the goods at the University bookstore. Dang I love me some pink Jayhawk gear. And the bike helmet selection for little dude? Off the charts.

The other fabulous thing was the celebration was stretched over a week (which all good ones should be), which included a barbeque at our home for our Moms, complete with perfect evening air, lots of laughs and the kind of meal prepared by the hubs that could’ve made the menu at Ruth Chris. Also that week we dined sans kiddo among Prosecco and rich Italian bread, sharing jokes and recent stories without constant interruption from everyday life. Finally, a gathering among the MOMS group at Story, a restaurant in Prairie Village, with an afternoon so delightful, one would have thought we were on vacation. Complete with a fashion show, remarkable women, endless pours, a hostess treat, lime green stems and stories of the kids, it truly was an afternoon to remember.

And the gifts? Check them out. It’s like my own personal photobomb of two dudes I love a whole heck of a lot:

Including a dry-erase calendar! You know how I feel about organizing activities and events months in advance…particularly social ones.

So yah, Mother’s Day week was a complete blast, thanks to the amazing women and men in our lives. I guess I’ll keep it ranked #2 on my holiday list right next to Valentine’s Day.

Don’t judge.

A day for Mama – love it. But then again, isn’t everyday? 

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