Monday, June 18, 2012

Grab Your Ear Buds...

And steal away for awhile with these little diddies:

Then go all swagger with these hits:

While you're at it, get your dose of Lite 96 (you know what I'm talkin' about Omahans...prom date shouts outs much?!) by searching for "80s Love Songs" on Pandora and just see how much your work day perks up. Either that or whisks you back to arm's length hip sways with your high school crush.

Speaking of crush:

At Kenny two weeks ago I was torn about which to lust after more: adorable Grace Potter with the sultry voice, funky wardrobe and perfect locks despite the 90-degree heat? Or Tim, who, simply put has never.looked.better.

Hands down: Tim. He wins every time.

Plus he's the only country dude that can pull off a white vintage shirt, black cowboy belt and rear-hugging white jeans and still look like a manly man. And I mean manly man. I don't mean to go all "Shades of Grey" on you, but seriously...he could be my Christian.

I think these girls were still into Kenny and likely Jake. But me? One-hundred percent Tim 100% of the time. Sorry Faith.

Now I know why Mama Bird has been so gaga for Friday Night Lights all these years. I'd resurrect the show myself if it meant another minute of analyzing Tim's acting...

Happy listening. And viewing!

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