Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breaking It Down

Literally – that was the best part of the movie. Or maybe the only worthwhile piece: when Channing goes all “America’s Best Dance Crew/Usher” on stage with his Eminenemesque gear. Though there was the buttery deliciousness that was the theater popcorn…

Magic Mike. Kind of like “Fifty Shades of Gray” for the big screen (before it actually hits the big screen) in that all the ladies are talking about it, so you gotta indulge. You know, like gel manicures, iKat cardigans and chevron, monogrammed iPhone covers in that you invest understanding it’s likely not worth the dough or highly functional, but it’s fashionable, so you’re in. And with the sis-in-law in town? There simply was no excuse not to go.

So we did. At 10:50 a.m. like the two very classy ladies we are.

Sure there six packs, business lessons on entrepreneurship and valuable example-setting on what striperdom and drugs do to your soul, but I felt that I likely learned of those lessons when “Coyote Ugly” made it’s debut.  And holding out for the potential romantic comedy piece that’s featured for 2.5 seconds on a preview? Count on it lasting exactly that long. Couple that with awkward silences, trips to Cirillas and the scenery that is Tampa, FL and you have “Magic Mike.”

It wasn’t a complete waste though. As mentioned above I had the luxury of downing buttery popcorn for breakfast and two hours with a gal I adore. Plus it gave us the chance to test our boundaries of comfort when it’s all sex all the time and you’re left pondering what piece of the plot to digest with your sister-in-law, who likely neither of you desire to hear of that portion of the others’ lives. And I am on vacation, which totally warrants losing a few brain cells if you ask me…

In summary: go see “Magic Mike” if you want to see Channing break it down.

Either that or just go Redbox “Step It Up” and call it even.

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